Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Time

Josephine: Daddy? I caught a boot. What am I supposed to do with a boot? What's a boot doing in the pond anyway? Are there tires and other junk in the pond, too? Do we need to contact the EPA?

Joseph: I'm not sure where the boots are coming from, Jo-jo. Your dad has one on the wall above the couch. Maybe you could put yours up there, too. Maybe they belong to old, salty pirates or something who washed up on shore ... and over the decades, their boots got deposited in the pond.

Josephine: Pirates! NEAT!

Josephine is really growing into a child curious about the world around her. It makes me wonder what kind of adult she will become.

Josephine: DADDY! I caught a fish!

Joseph: Way to go, Sweetpea! Let me go get mommy. She'll want to see this!

Josephine: Wow! It's as big as ME!

Joseph: Hold it away from the water so it doesn't get away. I'll bring a net when I bring mommy, okay?

What happened to that precocious toddler that I used to read stories about bean bags who wanted to learn to play the xylophone? What happened to the tiny, squirming bundle that I used to be able to hold with one hand?

In the meantime, Max came back! I wonder if he would be good friends with Janie if I decided to take him in. This will require further thought on my part.

Sometimes when I look at Josephine, she reminds me so much of her mother. She's like a little clone almost ... though I think her personality is closer to mine than her mother's.

And speaking of Lydia ... work has been so crazy lately, forever it seems ... that I have come to the conclusion that I've neglected my wife for far too long. She and I need some US time. I will need to make plans.

In the meantime ... I feel there's nothing wrong with showering affection on her.

I don't think the serenade was too much ... but I think Lydia would disagree with me. But ... I've found something that I can use that will get her to forgive me anything. If I break into song and get down on one knee ... that's all it takes! Heh-heh-heh!

Though Josephine is new to the whole "higher learning" thing, she seems to have taken to her education like a sponge. She asked me to explain things in more detail than her teachers on more than one occasion.

I really enjoy spending "learning time" with my daughter. It's a bonding experience I will cherish when my daughter is yelling at me that I don't understand her - her teen years will be here before I'm ready ... I'm certain.

One thing I'm intrigued, and pleased, about is that Jo-jo has shown some interest in The Craft - as I call it.

Josephine: Daddy, the kids at school say that their parents say that you're a witch. Are you a witch daddy?

Joseph: I'm a male witch, yes, honey.

Josephine: Are you a good witch? Like Glinda the Good Witch of the North? Or are you a baaaaad witch - like the Wicked Witch of the West?

Joseph: ... Well ... The Craft has many shades, Jo-jo, just like all things in life. I think it's very closed-minded for anyone to pigeon-hole anyone into a category based on the opinions of others.

Josephine: Oh ...... what's "pigeon-hole" mean?

My daughter ... the overly curious one ... was very recently fascinated with a hornet's nest in one of the bushes near our house. I think she learned a very important lesson that day.

Lydia is really enjoying her career in Athletics.

But she comes home with the strangest people sometimes ...

I'm beginning to suspect that Jo-jo might have a bit of the clairvoyant in her. On more than one occasion I've heard her say to her mother, or she'll say to me, why we're doing something again when we've already done it. I've asked her on more than one occasion why she thinks these things, and she says it's because of the television pictures in her head. Interesting ...

I found her scribbling a picture at her arts and crafts table recently ... she drew a tree with lots of red and orange lines shooting up from it. When I asked her what abstract art she was drawing, she said it wasn't art, that she was drawing a fiery tree just like the one in the front yard. And that's when Lydia told me about a conversation she had with her earlier.

Josephine: Mommy, if a lightning bolt struck a tree and caught it on fire, would rain put it out?

Lydia: Where do you come up with these questions, sweetie?

Much to my astonishment, later that day, a lightning bolt really DID strike a tree in front of our house during a pretty vicious thunderstorm! How did Josephine know?!


Had someone call the fire department since the rain didn't seem to be putting out the flames. When the fire dude showed up, he lectured poor Josephine about making prank phonecalls ... and fined the family. HELL-O! There's a FIRE out there man! Anyway, ended up having to delete the "fire object" on the tree and then the tree itself before putting a new tree up. Gotta love gliches! :O))

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kimbalaya said...

LOL I got fined by the fire department the first time I called for a fire in a tree. The rain put the fire out for me! Glitches are so fun.

I love the clairvoyant angle with Jo-jo. Hehehehe.

ruby said...

Ack you had a visible invisible fire?! o.O wow.. glad you got rid of it at least.
Lil Jo-Jo is an interesting little girl. She will make a great witch one day.

Oydie said...

I love the way your going with Josephine and her clairvoyance. Very interesting :)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hehe, pirates. I like that answer! *giggles* Wow, that fish really is nearly as big as her.

Hello again, Max! Was Joe able to adopt him this time?

Huh, I never would have thought to put the acting star out front like that. Neat use of the reward.

I'm glad he's making sure to show his wife affection and not let the day-to-day business of life keep them from doing so.

Ooo, another little witch going to show up in the family? *grins*

What's a pigeon-hole mean? It means your daddy is a baaaaad witch and doesn't want to admit it to his little girl. *nods*

*waves hello to Amity!!*

Huh? *blinks* What is Josephine taking about? What was up with the picture of Amity in black and white?

Neat to think Josephine is clairvoyant though!