Saturday, February 28, 2009

And Baby Makes ...

It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood when I went outside to meet my carpool. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, my wife was inside - her stomach large with her advancing pregnancy. Yup ... all was a-okay with my world.

Of course ... there were some aspects of my life that were starting to irritate me. These strange lapses in memory. One moment in time, I was outside, heading to work ... and in the next moment, I was home from work (having just gotten promoted). Maybe it was time for me to see a doctor ...

I expressed some of my concern with a coworker of mine ... and he was bold enough to inform me that Jenna Bradshaw ... the woman with very poor hygiene who invited me out when I was still coming to terms with suddenly appearing on an empty lot in the middle of nowhere ... she was some sort of psychologist ... or psychiatrist. I was too astounded to ask for clarification. I quickly informed my coworker that I had no intention of seeing tat woman again. Someone who lapses with her personal hygiene would never be able to assist someone having lapses in memory. I was quite certain.

So ... putting my latest lapse behind me ... I focused on home matters ... like the modification of the kitchen. It's looking much nicer than what it used to look like. Of course, as luck would have it, I didn't have the opportunity to fully relish this domestic change.

Because elsewhere in the house, Lydia was about to perform another change in our domesticity!

We'd both gone to bed early, both of us exhausted (me from work, her from being pregnant). She'd been uncomfortable all day, and hadn't been able to relax enough to nap. Her painful moans woke me and I immediately sprung forth from between the sheets.

Lydia was in labor!! I'd always prided myself on having a fairly level head (fires being beside the point) ... but I found myself completely out of my depth in this situation. I'd never been around anyone in labor before (or that I could recall). I didn't know what to do to help her ... except to tell her to remain calm and do what Nature had intended all female animals to do since time immemorial.

And with a bit of muss ... and some fuss ... Lydia brought our child into the world. This small bundle of warmth is my daughter - Josephine.

I was so jittery with excitement that I left my wife alone in the bedroom holding our baby girl while I rushed to my computer to update my blog. I had no idea where my head was at.

I quickly realize the error of my ways ... and rushed back into the bedroom to be with wife and daughter. I began by congratulating Lydia on her efforts and her contribution to creating this new life. Then, with caution, as I didn't want to frighten this tiny creature, I approached.

Joseph (with awe): She's ... she's so small!

Lydia (chuckling softly): Newborns typically are.

I stared at Josephine for the longest time ... before Lydia, chuckling, asked ...

Lydia: Do you want to hold her?

Joseph: .... Yes ... Yes, please!

Babies ... smell so ... so GOOD! She was so warm in my arms and so soft. I felt my heart swell inside of my chest as it made room to house more love, love for my daughter.

I will be the first to admit that parenthood is a challenge. There's the frequent feedings and the diaper changes ... and all the other responsibilities and challengs that appear when one becomes a parent.

But neither Lydia nor myself would trade it for anything in the world.

The two women in my life - the most important treasure I could have ever discovered on this plot of land.

Yes. Life is good ... even for a mime.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Circling Storks

The night of our honeymoon was wonderful. Although, I now wish that the two of us had taken the day off from work. We both overslept ... being so exhausted from our rather vigorous and extended celebration of our marriage.

Simmer's Note: Yes, Lydia is nekkid in the background there. I have that hack that allows them to sleep nekkid ... *grins*

Lydia even ended up being late to work (I managed to make my carpool in time).

It's lucky for her that she has such a good reputation there ... or she couldn't have done me this favor. I love my wife. She's so good to me.

The sun was just starting to set when we both arrived home from work. We could tell that spring was coming, because the snowman I had built was starting to melt. She thought it looked a little bit like someone we'd seen walk by the house once or twice.

I was just about to comment on that when she made this interesting noise before dashing into the house.

Concerned, I followed after her ... she who made a beeline to the bathroom.

Joseph: Lyds, are you okay, sweetheart?

Lydia: I'm ... *MPH* ... okay ... *GAK* ...

As she knelt there on the hard bathroom floor, I began to worry that perhaps she'd picked up some bug ... the flu maybe. She did wear her good dress and heels out in a foot of snow last night. I, at least, had my legs covered. Maybe she caught a chill?

But shortly after cleaning up, she seemed fine. She assured me several times that night that she was okay.

Joseph: Are you SURE you're okay? Maybe we should call the doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry, you know.

Lydia: I really am fine, Joseph. Maybe I ate some bad shrimp or something at work.

Joseph: Well ... if you're sure ...

Lydia: I am ...

Maybe I was the worrying type. I just got married. I just got promoted. Things were going my way. Now would be the perfect time for Murphy's Law to drop an anvil on my happy bubble.

Lydia was the most important sim in my life and I didn't want anything bad to happen to her. After all ... we DID work in a hospital. A sick-person's haven. And with the latest flu epidemic floating around ... it was entirely possible she was incubating something nasty. I vowed to keep a close eye on her for any turns for the worse.

A large part of me already knew that Lydia knew how to take care of herself. She'd done it for a number of years before she walked into my life. I was certain that if she felt something was wrong ... she'd tell me.

She loved me after all. Sure, she probably wouldn't want to worry me, but I worry more when I don't know what's going on.

The next morning, she begged me to make her a bowl of macaroni and cheese ... for BREAKFAST. I nearly turned green at the thought ... but she said she had a craving for it. I wasn't about to deny her anything ... just to make certain that she kept up her strength. I didn't want her catching that bug going around Belladonna Cove (Mark II).

Even the local paper was saying something about something "going around". One minute, a sim felt fine and in the next moment ...

Uhh ... what was I ... where was? *scratches head* Uhh ...

Joseph: Lydia ... wasn't I just outside getting the paper?

Lydia: You brought that in a couple of hours ago, sweetie. Are ... are YOU feeling okay?

That was very odd. I knew I'd just been outside getting the paper. And now ... I was inside gathering simoleons from our small orchard of money trees. The episode sorta felt like that time when I returned home from the club. Strange. *scratches head*

I quickly put that odd moment in my life behind me. As I sat down to read the morning paper I found it. I finally FOUND it!! The career I'd been searching for since coming to Belladonna Cove (Mark II). ENTERTAINMENT. I knew that through that career field, I could finally reach my ultimate goal of being the SimWorld's greatest Prestidigitator! I was so excited and full of zeal and energy that I was promoted on my first day.

I slept like a log that night ... dreaming of the millions of sims I would mesmerize one day.

When I woke the next morning, it was to find Lydia already awake and staring at me, her dark as night hair spread over her pillow like a fan. Her expression was serious for such an early part of the morning. I blinked at her, waiting for her to say something ... knowing that she had something she wanted to say. She blinked back at me ... then she slid closer and rested her head on my chest. I put my arm around her and tucked her against me. She was quiet for a time before she started speaking.

Lydia: Joseph ...

Joseph: Mmm?

Lydia: How ...?

She stopped speaking and was silent for a minute as if gathering her thoughts together, then she hesitantly started up again.

Lydia: Do you ...?

She paused again and frowned, her expression frustrated. I squeezed her in a one-armed hug, silently urging her to continue.

Lydia: What do you think about ...?

When she stopped again, I became a little worried. What was it that she needed to tell me at such an early moment of the day that was causing her such difficulties in just forming the words? Attempting to fortify her courage, I kissed her temple gently and spoke softly into her ear.

Joseph: Lydia, what is it? I'm sure whatever it is can't be as bad or awful as you are making it seem by not getting out what you want to say. I'm sure whatever it is, we'll work it out together.

She was silent for a very short moment after that before she blurted out what was on her mind.


I was the happiest birthday mascot in Belladonna Cove (Mark II). She'd been worried how I would react, since she and I had never really talked about having a family. We just got married after all. I couldn't be happier.

I could barely concentrate at work that evening ... wondering when we had conceived ... wondering if it had been that memorable moment in the photobooth on our first day. I also couldn't help but wonder what it was going to be like to be a father, to bring a little life into the world to mold and shape into a sim who would one day go out in the world to make a name for himself ... or herself. It all made me a little muddled ... and I ended up doing something ... rather rash.

Luckily ... it all worked out. I would make sure from that moment on that I'd have my head on straight. I was going to be a FATHER!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Brings Us Together - page 2

It was a beautiful ceremony with just us and the Creator as witnesses. She did express a minor concern that it was all just a dream, not to mention not binding. I assured her that I had checked into things earlier. It was all quite legal and binding and we only needed to file a copy of the signed Wedding certificate at the courthouse.

I did express to her my regret that I couldn't afford to take her on a honeymoon to someplace wonderful ... like a tropical island ... or the orient ... or a beautiful mountain lodge, but she assured me that just being with me was honeymoon enough. Right then, I vowed that as soon as we could afford it, I would take her somewhere to celebrate "Us".

While she made herself comfortable in our bedroom, I stared out into the night, my mind whirling with all that had happened to me since stepping out of that taxi cab. So far ... this was the best night of my life. And it was about to get even better.

We both settled ourselves on the bed ... and stared at the wall for what seemed like forever. Both of us were nervous about this next step. Even though we had already been intimate with one another (I would never be able to look at another photobooth without remembering that moment), I didn't know about her, but I felt like a virgin. I wanted to make tonight wonderful for her, and I felt the pressure of NOT screwing it up. It was our wedding night after all. Once again, it was Lydia who broke the ice. And she broke it in a BIG way.

Lydia: I want you to kiss me now, Joseph.

Joseph: Right now?

Lydia: Yes, right now.

Who was I to argue with a woman who knew what she wanted? I was just her husband. *grin*

Lydia smelled so good and she fit perfectly in the circle of my arms.

Her body was so warm against me.

And when I leaned forward to kiss her, I saw the desire in her beautiful eyes. It caused my blood to boil and become inflamed.

I kissed her gently ... initially.

But that was just a prelude. That one touch of her silky lips against mine was enough to snap my control.

I slowly and gently pressed her against the bed, hovering over her, my eyes dark with passion.

Then I kissed her more deeply than I had ever kissed her before. I wanted to crawl inside of her and never leave.

Hours later ... many, MANY hours later, we lay together, sated ... for the moment. She looked at me with that small smile of hers, and I gazed at her out of the corner of my eye ... smug and pleased.

Then we snuggled, both of us quiet and enjoying being close to one another. I didn't think my life could get any better than it was right at that moment.

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