Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Brings Us Together - page 1

Just a little head's up. The following images, and the images for the foreseeable future, were taken with GunMod's Radiance Lighting System activated. The images might be a little dark. I do apologize for that. I have yet to get the lighting scheme right so it doesn't happen. I have downloaded some of the "Recommended" things ... but I have yet to place them in my game. Again, my apologies for those who find the images too dark. It's going to take me some getting used to ... y'know ... before I get things just right. :O)

It certainly was different having someone else in the house with me. Up until just yesterday, I was all alone in a house that was rapidly becoming too large for one sim. Then ... Lydia came. She became such an important part of my life when I was rapidly becoming afraid that I would be alone forever.

Lydia Vu - a woman I had met only once before ... then asked out when we met for the second time, a date that was a fantastic dream, was now (for all intents and purposes) my roommate. Though, she was so much more than just my roommate.

In a very short span of time, she had become very dear to me.

Minute-by-minute, I found myself reading things that would help me determine what was the best possible next step for us, for our relationship. And it was a relationship. As I said, Lydia was so much more than just a "roommate". Dare I say that she might have even become my "soulmate"?

I found myself calling my good friend John Doe ... to ask for his advice on this new situation, this new predicament I suddenly found myself in. He suggested that I cook her a nice, romantic dinner ... then propose to her. MARRIAGE?! I will admit, my heart seized for a split-second when that word passed over the fiber optic cables into my ear. But then ... it was as if a light suddenly came on.

Umm ... definitely the WRONG kind of light!! I will admit that my cooking skills were not the greatest ...

... but this was totally the antithesis of romantic! A fireplace with a roaring fire, sure! But my stove?!

I was very embarrassed to admit that my reading up on fire safety totally flew out of my head when I was presented with the situation. Thank the Creator for fire alarms. And thank the Creator for Lydia, who had a really calm, cool head on her shoulders. She was the perfect woman for me.

After we had both cleaned ourselves up a bit ... and after Lydia took it upon herself to fix the leaky faucet in the shower (what a resourceful woman!) ... I apologized to her for ruining dinner. She told me not to be silly, that it could have happened to anyone. When I told her, in a very dejected voice, that I had wanted to make a special dinner for the two of us ... to celebrate "Us", she told me that it was the thought that counted. It was then that I told her I had something I wanted to show her, to share with her outside. She smiled that small smile at me that I so loved, and decided to humor me.

When I set my mind to do something, I tended to get it done quickly and efficiently. Once I'd decided to propose marriage to Lydia ... I made sure I had everything that I could possibly need in place ... and all without her being the wiser. However, I was nervous ... VERY nervous. Would she agree? Would she be willing?

Lydia: Joseph! What's all this?

Joseph: I did it for you, Lydia, to show you how much you've come to mean to me.

Lydia: Thank you, Joseph. I ... I don't know what to say. This ... this is beautiful ... just beautiful. I love it.

Joseph: I'm so glad you like it ...

Joseph: I really wanted to do something for you, something that would express how deep my feelings for you go, have gone, in such a short amount of time.

Lydia: I assure you, Joseph, you really didn't need to. I can see how much I mean to you whenever I look into your eyes. I only hope that you can see how much you've come to mean to me when you look into my eyes.

Joseph: I do see it. I do ... I do love you, Lydia. I'm ... I'm IN love with you. Is that strange? Is it wrong?

Lydia: No, it isn't ... because I'm in love with you, too, Joseph.

Joseph: Then ... will you do me the honor ... of becoming my wife, my partner, the other half of my soul?

I can't tell you how my heart pounded as I waited for her answer. I needn't have worried though. Her answer was immediate ... and in the affirmative. Then when I explained to her that I'd erected this rose-covered arch in hopes that not only would she agree to marry me, but marry me that very night when the moon was full and the winter whiteness was still crisp and beautiful, twinkling like millions of stars on the lawn, she nearly strangled me ... with happiness.

Beneath a cloudless sky, I vowed to be a devoted husband to Lydia. I vowed to cherish her and love her through every moment of our lives - the good and the bad. I vowed to be faithful and I vowed to trust her with everything that I was or could ever hope to be.

She did the same ... much to my utter joy.

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Mao said...

Hey! It's my wedding, only at sunset and without the snow. Definitely on the beach, though. :D

Awww, happy happy! I can't wait to see their babies. (that sounds so creepy)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

(Wow, the lighting IS really dark!)

Glad John's around to give you good advice there, buddy. You need to make an honest woman of her before she leaves for something else (or you get her knocked up).

Okay, wait a minute here. He catches the stove on fire, the fireman and Lydia work on putting the fire out. But JOSEPH studied the whole FIRE thing so he could HANDLE them better?!? Didn't work out so well for you there, did it bud.

Ha! Glad one of the pair is able to handle things around the house. The fire. The leaky faucet. *grins*

Congrats on getting engaged and may you have a long and happy marriage! (He's such a sappy romantic. It's awesome!)