Friday, March 20, 2009

... And Birthdays

On the eve of Josephine's birthday, Lydia attempted to finish teaching her the important toddler skills to her.

Success was theirs!

And just for fun, and to take our daughter's mind off of our recent horror, she taught her some nursery rhymes.

And then it was time.

It was time to usher my daughter into her childhood.

Joseph: Make a wish and blow out the candles, Jo!

Josephine: Cake!

I gave my tiny one a kiss on her forehead, a kiss that I hoped help within it the power of luck in all things she endeavored towards. Then I stepped back and let her do the rest.

Before our eyes, our baby became a child.

While she dug into her cake (girl's got a sweet tooth a mile wide), I snuck outside to see about her birthday present.

This is Janie. I decided instead of waiting for Max to reappear, that I would get a dog. After the burglary attempt, I felt better knowing that we would have someone to guard us while we slept. And I thought she'd make a good companion for Josephine.

Granted, she was still very young ... and as such, we had some training to do.

I was quite certain she would be a welcome addition to the family though.

Although ... I did have hopes that someday Max would return. Perhaps he and Janie would get along and make puppies. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Of Burglaries ...

My family seems to have settled into a kind of routine. Lydia heads off to work in the morning and is back by the time I get home from work. She's usually doing something with Josephine when I get home.

I typically take over parenting duties once I get myself settled while Lydia goes off to do something that interests her. I swear, it really does seem like the two of us are two ships passing in the night. I will have to do something to rectify that soon. But until then, I toil on in teaching Josephine all those skills she will need for her child era. Potty training came first.

Of course, interspersed with working and skilling and all other household things, sometimes we have to call in a repair-person to fix something. I certainly don't have the skills to fix the dishwasher. And I've heard rumors about the big appliances electrocuting people. No thanks!

I then taught my little Jo-Jo to talk.

Is it any wonder she said "Dada" first before "Mama"? *grin* However, life is never as simple as we make it out to be sometimes. There are the bright spots ... and then there are the dark ones ...

And in one dark moment ... a burglar descended upon our small home, seeking to shatter our peace of mind.

Thankfully, after my early conversations with Wanda Tinker on the possibilities of thievery (especially for a guy with no walls), I had taken the opportunity to thoroughly research home security systems. I bought one as soon as I had walls ... much to this burglaress' consternation and dismay.

Faster than you could say "Bob's your uncle," Belladonna Cove Mark II's finest was pulling outside of our house.

The burglaress didn't even have time to run before the policeman pounced!

The alarm and the sounds of a scuffle woke the whole household.

I don't understand the logic of someone putting up a fight. There was, after all, a 50% chance of losing. And that would mean you'd have "resisting arrest" on your record, too.

I figured this woman would learn that the hard way.

While the policeman took the time to read her "Rights" to her, I thought I'd be helpful and show them the quickest possible way to get the hell out of my house.

Joseph: Yeah, you look sorry now, don'tcha? That'll teach you to invade MY home!

Heh ... I hoped they clapped her in irons, tarred and feathered her ... and strung her up by her toenails. I couldn't begin to tell you the thoughts of punishment that streamed through my mind. Muahahahhahaaa!

Lucky for us ... the policeman was appreciative of our efforts to bringing a known criminal to justice. Go us.

But the damage had already been done. The event had been seared into all of our minds ...

... even the mind of my baby girl. I would NEVER forgive that thief. NEVER. If I ever saw her again, oh ... the TORTURES I would mete out on her! I could feel the magicks in me boiling at the thoughts I had of revenge.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mushy Matters

I knew that it would probably take some getting used to ... for Lydia to see that the power awakened in me would be a benefit (or more) to our family. But she loves me. I just had to assure her ... and reassure her ... that nothing would go wrong.

Those first days after my ... "transformation" ... were probably the hardest on our new family. Perhaps it was too many changes at once - the baby and then my magick, but there was no going back now.

And speaking of Josephine, the days and months had flown by. Her birthday had sneaked up on us.

Though our finances were still on the minimalist side, Lydia and I got a cake for her.

Every child should have cake on their first major birthday. Our baby girl was transitioning into her toddler era.

And then before our very eyes, our little girl, in a spray of colored confetti ...

... became a beautiful little toddler-girl.

I wasted no time bonding with my little girl now that she was old enough to understand the worlds we muttered to her. I thought I'd start with a story. She seemed to enjoy it, I'm happy to report.

Joseph: Once upon a time, there was a happy little bean bag who wanted to grow up to be a world famous xylophone player ...

Josephine: Zyfone!

I also wasted NO time in teaching her the skills she would need as a toddler to move her successfully into her child era. Potty training was a MUST! Granted ... it's kinda boring for the teacher.

But I wasn't all work all the time. Recall that old dog that kept coming around? Well, he came back! I think I saw a collar that had a single tag on it that said "Max". He's a very friendly dog.

I wondered if a dog would be the ideal thing for our family - especially with a toddler in the house. He could guard her, look after her ... make sure she's safe.

I wondered if Lydia would like to have a dog. It's nice having something living to cuddle, especially since our jobs were really starting to pick up. There were times when she and I didn't get a chance to say more than two words to one another. Working ... and Josephine ... they kinda took away from "Adult Time". A dog might help. Maybe. I hope.

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Magickal Mayhem

It might have been small, but I absolutely loved working in my garden. There was just something almost primal about letting the rich earth sift between my fingers ... aiding to bring more life into the world. There was something almost magical about it.

And even though it was small, my garden attracted many people to it. However, I would be the first to admit that my skill with such things was limitless, absolutely limitless! And that reminded me of a thought or two I'd had a while back. Would that I were magical ... how would it affect my garden? My life? Then I remembered someone who might be able to help me figure it out. I figured it was time for me to call Frances McCullough.

Needless to say, when I phoned her, inquiring about her "abilities", she came right over. She practically dropped right out of the sky ... much to my astonishment.

Frances: Greetings, Joseph. It is good to see you. I wondered if I would hear from you after our last encounter.

Joseph: Hello, Frances. I hope you've been well.

Frances: I could hear the eagerness in your voice so I flew right over. What is it that you wish of me?

Joseph: Well ... when I was watching you outside of the Crypt O' Night Club ... I thought that everything you did ... had such a mastery to it. It was like some sort of art form that you'd bent to your own devices.

Frances: What?!

France: The Magicks have nothing to do with art, Joseph! The Magicks are all about SKILL! They are all about Mind over Matter! Do not mistake the Magicks for such an abstract concept such as art!

Joseph: I ... I didn't mean to offend, Frances. I was just trying to state that you make it look so effortless ... and your skill is beyond exemplary!

Frances (peering closely): So ... you wish to learn my skill in the Magicks then? Is that what you wish?

Joseph: I ... well ... y-yes.

Frances: Very well, Joseph. I will teach you my ways in the Magicks, but not because you wish it. I sense something deep within you, Joseph, something that seems almost desperate for release, to escape. I will teach you my ways because I am curious about what chaos you may cause ... or prevent. Now ... stand there and hold the colored ball in the palm of your hand. Do you feel the weight of the ball? Do you feel the fibers that make up the weight of the ball? Do you feel the molecules that make up the fibers of the ball? Do you feel the particles that make up the molecules of the ball? Concentrate on all of these things in your mind's eyes, Joseph. Concentrate!

I concentrated just as she asked ... and faster than I would have imagined, the ball began to float above my palm. My eyes widened in shock, my mouth dropped open in astonishment.

Frances: That was excellent, Joseph. You have such raw talent. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Now stand absolutely motionless.

Joseph: What're you going to do?

Frances: I'm about to fully awaken the powers churning inside of you.

Joseph: Is this going to hurt?

Frances: Just let the power fill you, Joseph. Don't try to fight it. If you allow your body access to the world around you, allow your mind to remain open to it, it won't hurt at all. In fact, it will feel really good. If you resist ... I won't make any promises.

Joseph: Open my mind ... open my mind ... open my mind ...

I didn't know what was happening to me, but I could feel something deep inside of me ... like a wellspring of energy just build up to the point of overflowing. I could feel the energy in every cell in my body ... and it made me feel lighter than air. And then ...


Frances: Congratulations, Joseph.

I felt absolutely FANTASTIC! WONDERFUL! AMAZING! The power flowing through my veins made me feel high on life!

Frances: A New One is always in danger of letting the Magicks control him or her. You must wrest control. Yes, you are a vessel for the Magicks, but you are in charge. Always remember that ... and gain control, Joseph.

Joseph: I have control ... I have control ... I have the power ...

As I said this mantra to myself, I felt the energy dissipate within me, though I could still feel that it was there ... hovering as if it was a thought preparing to voice itself. I felt myself return to myself ... and the ground.

Frances: Excellent, Joseph! Excellent! It's been a very long time since I've seen someone grasp the Magicks as quickly as you have. You are well on your way I think.

Frances: Teaching always makes me thirsty. While I partake of the waters ... why don't you practice a bit ... get the hang of using your wand.

Joseph: Ooh ... a wand!

I felt like a kid in a candy store. I didn't know what I wanted to do, what I wanted to try. I, of course, had NO idea what I was capable of. I just ... accessed the energy within me ... and let it fly!

What occurred was beyond anything I ever could have imagined! The power ... the POWER!!! Muahahahhahahhaaaaa!!!

However, I don't think Lydia was as impressed with my new found powers as I was. But I was certain I could convince her that it would do nothing but benefit us ... in positive ways, of course.

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