Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mushy Matters

I knew that it would probably take some getting used to ... for Lydia to see that the power awakened in me would be a benefit (or more) to our family. But she loves me. I just had to assure her ... and reassure her ... that nothing would go wrong.

Those first days after my ... "transformation" ... were probably the hardest on our new family. Perhaps it was too many changes at once - the baby and then my magick, but there was no going back now.

And speaking of Josephine, the days and months had flown by. Her birthday had sneaked up on us.

Though our finances were still on the minimalist side, Lydia and I got a cake for her.

Every child should have cake on their first major birthday. Our baby girl was transitioning into her toddler era.

And then before our very eyes, our little girl, in a spray of colored confetti ...

... became a beautiful little toddler-girl.

I wasted no time bonding with my little girl now that she was old enough to understand the worlds we muttered to her. I thought I'd start with a story. She seemed to enjoy it, I'm happy to report.

Joseph: Once upon a time, there was a happy little bean bag who wanted to grow up to be a world famous xylophone player ...

Josephine: Zyfone!

I also wasted NO time in teaching her the skills she would need as a toddler to move her successfully into her child era. Potty training was a MUST! Granted ... it's kinda boring for the teacher.

But I wasn't all work all the time. Recall that old dog that kept coming around? Well, he came back! I think I saw a collar that had a single tag on it that said "Max". He's a very friendly dog.

I wondered if a dog would be the ideal thing for our family - especially with a toddler in the house. He could guard her, look after her ... make sure she's safe.

I wondered if Lydia would like to have a dog. It's nice having something living to cuddle, especially since our jobs were really starting to pick up. There were times when she and I didn't get a chance to say more than two words to one another. Working ... and Josephine ... they kinda took away from "Adult Time". A dog might help. Maybe. I hope.

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ruby said...

woot a warlock! omg so awesome.. even better he's evil.. gotta love that. wonder if his handler will approve.. heh
she's a cutie, love toddler time
an elder dog.. hmm.. okay so the toddler may like it but thats just more work and money and you just said money is still tight so .. *sighs and steps off the soapbox*

Anjel76 said...

Max isn't in the family yet.

Kethwyn said...

Ooo, Joe makes da sexhay warlock. *waggle brow* And he's not that evil Ruby. If he were, he'd be green. There's still time to change. Although now that he's got a taste of the power of the dark side... delving into those dark powers might unlock some things better left forgotten... and invoke the wrath of a certain higher power.

Aw, Josephine's adorable. And she's obviously got Joe wrapped around her finger already.*giggles* Actually, I think that's supposed to be a happy little puppy, not a happy little bean bag. There's a kitty face that looks similar. Orrin used to read that one to Patrick all the time.

*steals Ruby's soapbox* Pets aren't that expensive. Dogs are probably cheaper than cats since you need to buy less for them (bowl, chew toy -- unless you've dug up a bone, bed) Pets can work too, so there's an extra income. As for Max's age... I would think that by now, Joe and Lydia should have enough aspiration points to spurgle for a bowl of Kibble-of-Life-Extension, which would allow Max to hang around a while longer if he joins the family.

Anjel76 said...

He does make a sexhay warlock, don't he? :O) *waggles eyebrows* I guess you all will have to wait and see what happens. >:O}

And as I said to rubes, Max left before Joseph could adopt him. He's not in da family at the moment.

Oydie said...

Ohhhh Warlocklishious!
I'm a bit worried about the 'no adult time' remark though, I hope they are not drifting apart :(

AeronwyDiobhell said...

(*squints, trying to see the picture* You know, if you're going to keep using the GunMod thingy, you have got to install more lights in your houses.)

Hmm, he's not taking care of his garden any more? That doesn't sound like the Joseph she fell in love with.

Yay for her birthday! Boo for not being able to see her. :-( (Totally not a fan of this add-on, Captain.)

Dogs are always good things. :-) Although with a collar, I'm surprised he doesn't think Max belongs to someone already. *makes a face at Joseph*