Friday, March 20, 2009

Of Burglaries ...

My family seems to have settled into a kind of routine. Lydia heads off to work in the morning and is back by the time I get home from work. She's usually doing something with Josephine when I get home.

I typically take over parenting duties once I get myself settled while Lydia goes off to do something that interests her. I swear, it really does seem like the two of us are two ships passing in the night. I will have to do something to rectify that soon. But until then, I toil on in teaching Josephine all those skills she will need for her child era. Potty training came first.

Of course, interspersed with working and skilling and all other household things, sometimes we have to call in a repair-person to fix something. I certainly don't have the skills to fix the dishwasher. And I've heard rumors about the big appliances electrocuting people. No thanks!

I then taught my little Jo-Jo to talk.

Is it any wonder she said "Dada" first before "Mama"? *grin* However, life is never as simple as we make it out to be sometimes. There are the bright spots ... and then there are the dark ones ...

And in one dark moment ... a burglar descended upon our small home, seeking to shatter our peace of mind.

Thankfully, after my early conversations with Wanda Tinker on the possibilities of thievery (especially for a guy with no walls), I had taken the opportunity to thoroughly research home security systems. I bought one as soon as I had walls ... much to this burglaress' consternation and dismay.

Faster than you could say "Bob's your uncle," Belladonna Cove Mark II's finest was pulling outside of our house.

The burglaress didn't even have time to run before the policeman pounced!

The alarm and the sounds of a scuffle woke the whole household.

I don't understand the logic of someone putting up a fight. There was, after all, a 50% chance of losing. And that would mean you'd have "resisting arrest" on your record, too.

I figured this woman would learn that the hard way.

While the policeman took the time to read her "Rights" to her, I thought I'd be helpful and show them the quickest possible way to get the hell out of my house.

Joseph: Yeah, you look sorry now, don'tcha? That'll teach you to invade MY home!

Heh ... I hoped they clapped her in irons, tarred and feathered her ... and strung her up by her toenails. I couldn't begin to tell you the thoughts of punishment that streamed through my mind. Muahahahhahaaa!

Lucky for us ... the policeman was appreciative of our efforts to bringing a known criminal to justice. Go us.

But the damage had already been done. The event had been seared into all of our minds ...

... even the mind of my baby girl. I would NEVER forgive that thief. NEVER. If I ever saw her again, oh ... the TORTURES I would mete out on her! I could feel the magicks in me boiling at the thoughts I had of revenge.

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AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm, yes, you need to do something about that SOON. 2 ships passing in the night = a marriage that's not gonna last.

HEY! Where'd you get that glass enclosed tub? That's so darn cool!

Glad to see Josephina isn't lacking in attention to her parents, even if they're not paying attention to each other. (That's one thing that was never a problem with my Joe and Anneke - ACR made darn certain they spent time on each other too. *sticks her tongue out at the Captain*)

*blinks at Joseph* Sheesh, more and more of his old personality is creeping through, isn't it.