Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Wait ! What the ...?! (A Founder Legacy)

Joe Schmoe ... do you know why you have been brought here today to the Minionettes of Legacy Land Court?

(*sniffing indifferently) I can't say that I do.

Your Mad Scientist activities in this SimWorld have been well-documented. Your scientific genius holds no bounds and in your quest to attain the ultimate knowledge of Life, the Universe and Everything, you began experimenting on sims that you kidnapped right off of the street.

I have no idea to what you may be referring.

Do you deny the fact that you kidnapped five women ...

... THESE five women in an attempt to clone them?

Of course, I deny it. I've never seen those women before in my life.

Do you also deny the fact that you have been ILLEGALLY experimenting on our Extraterrestrial brethren in an attempt to see if transplanting genetically incompatible skintones is a possibility?

That is the most RIDICULOUS thing I've ever heard! What kind of court IS this?!

I demand to see my lawyer. You guys can't keep me here. You are making a mockery of the judicial system!

You don't deserve a lawyer. Yes, I can keep you here. And ... yeah, I'm mocking the judicial system. But the evidence against you is overwhelming. The Court of ManBeasts has document AND photographic evidence that implicates you in crimes against other sims that ultimately has resulted in their demise. The evidence in this matter is irrefutable.

Do you deny that is you standing in a yard filled with graves of those sims who you have attempted to genetically manipulate?

I ... uhh ... where did you find that? I thought I'd ...

Joe Schmoe, I, the Captain of the Minionettes hereby find you GUILTY of the crimes that have been brought against you. And now for the fun part ... your PUNISHMENT! (*evil gleam*)

Is ... uhh ... that really necessary? I'm pretty well-off. Can't I just pay some sort of restitution to their families and promise never to do it again?

HA!! You are a laugh RIOT! But to answer your question - NO! Instead I plan to strip you of your clothes.


And put you in some new ones.

Oh ... *whew* ... that's okay. Umm ... kinda drafty, but comfortable. That's pretty lenient and kind of you. Thanks. Umm ... is that all? May I go now?

And ... I strip you of all of your simeoleons. You are as poor as dirt now and can no longer use your substantial wealth to harm others.

Don't you think that's a bit much? Well ... never mind. With my mind, I'm sure I can rebuild my Scientific Empire.

Not bloodly likely ... considering I also plan to strip of you of all of your knowledge and skills. You don't know jack shit.

Now wait just a minute! That's hitting below the belt! KNOWLEDGE is my mistress! How can you just ... take it from me! This is an outrage! You can't do this to me. I'll SUE!

You can't sue. You're poor, remember? Also ...

You mean there's MORE?! What more can you people do to me, huh?! You've already taken away everything that I've held dear for my entire life!!

Not everything. Consider yourself removed from your home and all those who knew you. You are exiled to a new place, an empty place known as Belladonna Cove - Mark II. A short time ago, there was a strange epidemic going around where everyone started committing suicide. As a result, that place is completely empty - save for the buildings. I banish you there to start a new life.

PHEH! Do you think that will stop me? I can just relearn everything. I will be back on top in no time.

No, no I don't think so. You see, in addition to taking your money, your knowledge and skills and your home ... I'm also taking everything that made you ... well, YOU. We are wiping your slate clean, Joe Schmoe. You won't remember your former life, your former aspirations, your former goals. Hell, you won't even know the name Joe Schmoe ... cuz it won't be your name. This is your new beginning. Hopefully, you won't disappoint us.

No! NOOO! You can't DO this to me!!

Watch me.

*Whispering ...*

Hi. How ya doin'? So ... sorry about the drama before, but this guy was getting out of hand. Imagine cloning people and then killing not only the clone but the original as well. That's just plain MEAN! Anyway, we've wiped his slate and plan to give him a new start.

His name's Joseph Schmoepova now. He's still a Knowledge sim and he's also a Pisces (5, 4, 7, 2, 7). He seems to have a thing about Vampires and Hard Workers. He likes those lots. However, he's not so crazy about Gray Hair. He also has departed from his previous ambition of Ultimate Knowledge with the desire to become a Prestidigitator (LTW). Interesting!

Let's see how he does. Hopefully, we won't have to kill him. He's too good lookin' for total obliteration. I'll be keeping an eye on him from afar, but for the most part, this is his beginning, his story. Let's let him tell it. Buh-bye!

*Ends whispering ... grins and waves*


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