Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching Up With the Family

Hello, peeps! Josephine is back and updating you once again on the goings-on in my life. This time around, I'm going to share some things that have been going on back at home. Lots of stuff going and I'm just the kinda sim to expose you all to the craziness.

First of all, everyone has a birthday coming up. PARRRRR-TEEEEEH!!!

Second of all, my lil' bro (you remember him, right? Green? Pointy ears? Cute as a button?) ... he's been doing some phenomenal things in school.

Mom has been working on dad's garden more than dad himself. And speaking of dad ... umm ...

Certain things haven't been going so great for him. I'm only hoping that with his temper that he doesn't do anything to revenge himself on those who caused his failure. I'm starting to wonder if he'll do anything (ANYTHING) to reach that career goal of his. :O\ But that's too depressing to think about. Instead, I wanna focus on something good for a minute or two:

My little brother.

He's not so little anymore. And what's with the camouflage? I think when I transitioned to a teen, I also had on a pair of camo pants. He must REALLY look up to me. *grin*

For a kid who spent a lot of time by himself, I'm actually a little surprised by the choice in his primary interest.

And his secondary choice. *blinks* You think you know a guy, and then he pulls a complete 180 on ya. *shakes head*

One of the boys in the hood also joined the ranks of teens running rampant in the neighborhood.

And just like me, dad got Jake a car. But ... he's gotta be a man about it and get it running on his own. I think Jake is happy for this. I think he might've been annoyed to have an old, broken down jalopy. This way, he gets to make a MAN-MOBILE. And considering that he's a Family/Pleasure kinda guy, having decent wheels is kinda important, especially later in life.

Mom gave him some money for his birthday to go down into town to get himself whatever he wanted.

I'm thinking he didn't have enough to get this gal. *snicker-snort-cackle-choke*.

He did, however, have enough to buy himself some new threads and get himself made over. Is my brother hot or what? He's gonna be beating the girls off with a stick!

Maybe he should carry around a stake-like-stick instead. O__o

My baby brother, mom and dad weren't the only ones in the household expecting a birthday. Janie became an elder dog in a flash of sparkles.

Too bad though. We didn't really work with her much, and she never had a career. A girl's gotta have a career. I guess she was more of a stay-at-home-mom (nothing wrong with that either!). :O) Max didn't mind that she became an 'old girl'.

And speaking of birthdays, we ... uhh ... have a new pet in the house.

I'm ... uhh ... not quite sure what to make of this new development in my dad's ongoing need to expand his magical capabilities.

Jake doesn't seem to mind though. Maybe its the green glow - it goes with his skintone. Heh! ^__^

And then there's mom. As a birthday present to herself, or rather through the intervention of a grateful coworker ...

... she came home with a raise, a promotion and the completion of her goal. Way to go, mom!

I came home to help her celebrate in style.

It was a small party, but a wonderful celebration of her riding the gravy train into her golden years. Happy birthday, mom!!

And some friends of hers came along for the ride!

Dad wasn't there, of course (working hard again), but ... for the most part, a great time was had by all. And ... for my own part, I would have to say it was great spending time with Jake. Soon, he'll either head off to college (like me), or he'll forgo college and start making his way in the world as a respectable adult. But until then, I'm gonna show him what it's like to have fun!

Peace and Cheerios!

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ruby said...

Jake grew up handsome! Love the makeover! Rawr!
Um, why the frell wasnt Joe home for his wife's birthday? O.O
LOL love the cat btw and his/her name