Thursday, January 21, 2010

Personal Growth

Well. I feel like it's been a really, REALLY long time since I last posted to what dad told me he renamed "The Schmoepova Family Blog". A lot (A LOT) of stuff has been going on in the family. The last entry was mine and I've changed so much since that post. I guess there's nothing for it except to go ahead and post this update. Someone's reading this blog, since the site's stats are showing stats above zero ... so that someone is probably getting impatient on the goings-on.

The taxi pulled up in front of the place that I planned to make my home ... for a little while at least. I think all freshman should have the dorm experience before they decide if they want to move into different housing ... whether it be an apartment or a sorority or fraternity ... or whatever.

Dad was busy with work, so mom was the one who accompanied me.

Lydia: Well, here it is, Jo ...

Josephine: Yeah ... It's a lot bigger than what the brochure showed.

Shortly after I said that, a strange tingling sensation began to travel up and down my body, zinging up my arms and legs and all over and through my skin.

Ah. It's good to be a Young Adult in a sim world.

Lydia: Do you have everything you need?

Josephnie: Yeah. I just have to go in and claim a room and then the college moving and storage place will bring all of my stuff in.

Lydia: How the times have changed. When my generation went off to college, they had to bring and move in their stuff by themselves.

Josephine: Dang!

Lydia: I know!

Then mom got quiet ...

... before she grabbed me in a hug so tight that I could barely breathe.

Jospehine: ... *gak* Mom ... can't ... breathe ...!

Lydia (*choked whisper*): You ... you be sure to call us if you need anything. Anything at all. Doesn't matter what time of day it is, okay. Just ... call us.

Josephine: ... I will, mom. I promise.

And I hugged her back ... just as tightly.

I could feel mom's eyes burning into my back as I walked slowly towards my dorm. This was very exciting for me in a lot of ways. Well ... equal parts excitement and fear. But ... it was a test, a coming of age thing. Without turning around, I decided to give my mom an assurance.

Josephine: I'm gonna do great things here mom. I'm going to grow into a great woman. I can feel it. My experiences are are really gonna change me for the better. So don't worry!

Of course, when I turned around to give her a winning smile, that was when one of the campus' cheerleaders decided it would be a great idea to run past with such levels of cheer and manic energy that she could probably fuel a power station.

This little ritual did NOT assure mom. Not. One. Bit. It was still kinda funny though. Mom left shortly thereafter, and I entered my dorm to get my room all squared away.

I chose one of the few rooms that already had a computer installed (courtesy of the college to promote internet technology growth in the young adults of today). I also made sure to lock the door. I'd heard rumors about sims not knowing the basics of privacy. The LAST thing I wanted was for some drunk frat brother pushing his way into my room when I'm fast asleep. Oh HELL no.

The Campus Movers then brought all of my stuff in. With some of my college scholarships, I was able to deck the place out so it felt more like home than a college dorm room. I felt it would make my transition easier.

Once that was all set, I decided to explore the dorm and check out my dorm mates.

Some of them are actually quite attractive.

Some of them I barely noticed.

And some of them I found to be great opponents in the war of chess.

Not one for doing things half way ... I decided that I would need to totally immerse myself in the college experience to really become part of it.

I'm talking ... TOTAL IMMERSION. :O)) Hopefully, these photos will not come back to haunt me. And I hope that dad does NOT blow a gasket if he sees them. *grin* Hehe!

In other news, my friend from my old part-time job decided to follow me to college.

Simmer's Note: I forgot this guy's name. And since I'm at work, I can't look it up. It'll have to wait, so be prepared for some [INSERT NAME] fun time!

His first order of business ...

Get some new damn clothes. His grandmother got him that outfit that he was dropped off in. Considering she was the one to see him off, he felt it would make the old girl feel good if he wore it. With her out of the way, he could assert his personal style.

He and I bonded over several meals of mac 'n' cheese.

And he and I became really good friends! The college experience is definitely good so far. But I'm only a freshman. Lots of things to do. Lots of things can happen. I guess you and I will have to wait and see what happens next!

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ruby said...

Ooo she picked a cutie to hook up with! Good luck in college Jo!