Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving Up and Moving On

Hello, hello to all of you sims out in cyberspace! Josephine again.

Dad's been ... umm ... overly occupied as of late, so he left it to me to keep the world updated on our family's goings on.

Come to think of it, I have NO idea why he wants to blog about our family. I mean, who cares? Everyone has their own lives to live, and so do we. But ... *shrug* ... what do I know? I'm just a kid, right?

WRONG! I'm a TEENAGER. I'm practically an adult! I've got adult needs like making my own money.

And getting PROMOTED!! WOOT!

Not to mention the fact that someone around here needs to keep an eye on things around the property. There are some REALLY weird (not to mention RUDE) people running around this burg.

Josephine: OY! What's the DEAL, dude?! You better be glad my dad is buried inside the house, or you'd be in BIG trouble!

Dude: Ha! What's he gonna do to me? If he's inside and I'm out here, he can't do a thing. Go back to your Simmie Dolls, girlie.

Josephine: Wha-? Why you ...!! Uh oh ... here comes dad.

Dude: *snort* I'm not afraid of your old man.

Josephine: You soon will be. Oh yes, indeed!

I rushed inside before the fur really started to fly. Besides, Jake needed my help with his homework. He's a pretty smart kid that Jake. He's doing pretty well in school and he's pretty well-adjusted. I think that's my influence. *nods*

Cuz my dad ...

He's totally OUT OF CONTROL!! I hope the neighbors don't do anything drastic to him for his recent behavior.

Remember how I was saying that I'm a teenager, practically an adult with adults needs?

Well, I have adult desires, too.

This is a coworker. Isn't he cute?

He's got a really good head on his shoulders, too. I like him. I dunno if I like him enough to DATE him, but ... he's a nice guy.

Just don't tell my dad. I don't know WHAT he would do. He's a bit overprotective of the family.

One thing I will give dad props for ... he is making some pretty neat stuff for his ... "bat cave". Hehe. I'm not really allowed in there, but I sneak in sometimes when he's at work. But SHH! Don't tell him!

That, and he knows how to garden like a MAD FIEND! Although, it's pretty weird to see someone talking (out loud) to their plants.

But getting back to dad ... he's REALLY been getting into his ... umm ... "crafting" of late.

And he's got the green skin to prove it.

Unfortunately, this increase in his "abilities" has also shortened his already short fuse. I fear that one day, he may go too far!

I think I may suggest counseling or anger management or something ... when he's in a better mood. I may be family, but that doesn't mean that he won't do something ... especially with dad in this ... err ... "condition". Mom ... she takes a pretty hands-off approach to dad and his "hobbies", which is probably a good thing. But at the same time, they aren't as close as they used to be when I was a kid. Are they headed for divorce? No, I don't think so. At least ... I don't think it's too late for them to fix any broken bridges. I will keep my eye on them though.

Well ... time marches on, as "they" say. And I've been feeling the itch, the burn to get out of the house and seek higher learning opportunities.

On my way to the bathroom, I overheard dad on the phone with his friend John Doe saying that he had a feeling that "the time had finally come". I originally thought he might have been talking about world domination or something. I had no idea (at the time) that he was talking about me.

So when I finally worked up the nerve to tell him that I thought it was high time I headed off to the university, I was surprised at how calm he appeared.

Mom, on the other hand, came running in (learning optimizer in hand) when she heard me talking to him. I guess she had a motherly feeling that her baby bird was about to fly the coop.

Joseph: Do you think you have all of your school credits and things in order? Are all of your scholarships situated with the registrar's office? What about your dorm?

Josephine: Daaaaad! I'm not stupid you know. I had all of that stuff taken care of WEEKS ago!

Lydia: Your father just wants to make sure that your transition to college goes smoothly, sweetie.

Josephine: I know, I know ... but sheesh! Give a girl some credit!

It really was sweet that he was worried about my well-being and all, all things considered. I guess I was worried for nothing. :O))

And you know what? I think that maybe having one less kid in the house will give mom and dad some bonding time. That'll be good.

But anyway ... when next you see me, I'll be at the university! I am so STOKED!! Mom wants to accompany me even though I told her I'd be fine on my own. But she wouldn't hear of it. She said she wanted to help me decorate my dorm room since dorm rooms always looked like something out of an insane asylum. Heh! And dad has practically bullied me into keeping up with the family weblog from college so ... you haven't heard the last to Josephine Schmoepova! Until then!

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AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hi again, Josephine! *waves* Hopefully your daddy isn't going to get himself in trouble with the Powers That Be by messing with the dark arts. *grins*

More than having adult needs and making your own money, you've also apparently got a darn good head on your shoulders. *claps for the promotion*

Oh my... *has a bad feeling on what's gonna happen to this guy* Well, hey! What'd Joe do? Why didn't we get to see it? *pouts*

What was that he did to that passerby? And why'd he cast on her instead of the dude who kicked over the can?

Ooo, don't let your dad catch you making time with boys! I really don't think he'd understand that (especially not the whole "adult desires" part of it). But yes, he is very cute.

*blinks* That's a lamp? *shudders* I dunno 'bout you, Josephine, but I really wouldn't want to be going in there.

Green skinned now, eh? Joe's -really- slipping into darkness. *shakes her head sadly*

HAHAHAHA!!! That's awesome that he wants to learn anger management! *giggles* (Awesome font you used on that image too... do you remember what one it was?)

That's cool that Joe took her decision to head off to college so well. :-D But hey, it's good to see him being a typical dad and worrying about the details, instead of being an evil witch cursing everyone around him.

But yay for him getting smoochy with your mom again, finally.

Good luck at college, Josephine! *cheers and waves*

ruby said...

life is good in the Schmoepova house! nice to hear. sheesh that is some seriously green skin! *blinks*
good to know he has made it to the dark side. oooh and does he have a throne yet? *bounces*
that guy is very cute indeed and should accompany her to college and be the next spouse to the heir(ess)