Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been beyond busy in the household lately.

Lydia has been working tirelessly trying to get that Head Coach position.

Of course, she has to be careful of little setbacks. Good thing she's got a good head on her shoulders, or this could have been her!

But ... even if it had been her who made the wrong choice ...

... like this choice obviously was, she stumbles a bit, but she always gets back up, dusts herself off, and continues moving forward. I love that about her.

And that gung ho attitude of hers pays off, too. That's what hard work and dedication gets you. Yessir!

Lydia is working her way up, and so am I.

Yup. I am most certainly not slacking in the promotion department either ... even though I have other "projects" going on around me. While my "projects" are important to my end goal, I also seek to reach that ultimate pinnacle of entertaining the masses - Prestidigitator.

While Lydia and I work on our adult skills, Jake is working on his child skills, finding what interests him.

He seems to have acquired an aptitude for building from someplace. Granted, he does have his little setbacks, but like this mother, he keeps trying.

And look at the end result! O__o I was actually pretty amazed that he put something like this together ... before immediately knocking it down again. Kids!

Jasper has become an adult during all of this buzzing about our home.

He's a bit of a handful though. And I wonder about his mental capacities. He's kinda ... well ... stupid. Dog won't eat until he's practically weak from starvation. *shakes head* Hopefully his offspring will be better.

And Josephine, my baby girl ... has suddenly become interested in BOYS. I'm definitely NOT ready for that!

Sometimes I wish I could just ... freeze time. Hmm ... I wonder if that's possible ... *ponders* ...

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ruby said...

utoh. he's thinking of freezing time? Well tough Joe baby, you cant .. well at least not forever.

Kethwyn said...

Joe's a witch, Ruby. I do believe he has that time freezing power.

Congrats on all the promotions! =D

*chuckles at Joe's assessment of Jasper after the pupper grows up* Hmm... did you forget to check the puppies' stats before you decided who to keep, or were they both doofuses?

Er... Joe has a reason to be worried about Josephine and boys. That doesn't look to be a teenager she's picking up in the front yard.

DebC said...

Be careful what you wish your, Joe. Ange could install Sims 3 and you could be frozen in time for a long long, long time to come. *g*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Gratz on not getting food poisoning, Lydia! ACK! I would have made the same choice, to cut expenses, not people. *grumbles* BOO on that!

Congratulations on the promotions! *cheers*

Yay for a One True Hobby that -isn't- sports or tinkering! That seems to be what 90% of my Sims get. :(

Ooo, nice building he created there! *cheers again*

Happy birthday, Jasper! Yikes on keeping a stupid dog though. *comforts Jasper*

Sorry, Joe, it happens to the best of kids. It's called the perpetuation of the species. ;-)

*smacks Joe on the back of the head* NO! You can't freeze time. If time stops, nothing can grow. Without growth, atrophy (and apathy) sets in. And atrophy is a Bad Thing. *tsks and shakes her head*