Monday, May 18, 2009

Buns in the Oven and Cakes on the Counter

Howdy, peeps! Josephine Schmoepova back with you once more. Dad's ... umm ... a bit busy right now, so he said I can update the family blog again. Go me!

Seems that Max and Janie were successful in their little tryst. We're gonna have PUPPIES!!

She had two adorable puppies that we named Jasper and Minnie

Note: I THINK the female's name is Minnie ... I forget. :">.

Unfortunately, dad said that four dogs and three humans was a bit too much to handle. So ... we called the pet adoption place to come take one of them. Dad said he wanted to keep one so that when we lose Max and Janie, we'll be able to try to continue breeding their line. Didn't know dad was into breeding. *scratches head*

Mom decided that we'd keep Jasper. He seemed to have the most personality ... or so she thought.

Max really is cute with his son.

And he towers over the little guy so much. It's amazing how small he is.

I guess it's kinda like me and Jake. I tower over my little brother like Max does over Jasper.

But not for long! Time has passed so quickly once more and it's once again time for Jake's birthday. I can't believe I won't be able to toss him in the air anymore. *pout*

But ... at least I still get to usher him into his childhood. Dad and mom said I did such a good job with him when he transitioned to toddler that I might as well do this one as well.

Although ... dad kinda missed this one. He had to work. *pout*

Jospehine: Are you gonna be a big boy today, Jakey? Gonna blow out your own candles this time because your ancient sister doesn't have the lungs anymore?

Jake: Lungs! BLOW!

And look at that. That right there ... is blackmail material for the next hundred years. *evil grin*

But he really is a cutie ... even with his green banana jammies and bear slippers. *snicker-snorts*

Jake: Ooh! That's a HUGE cake! Is the cake all mine? Do I get to eat it all by myself? Can I smear it all over my face like I did when I was younger? Granted, I don't want anyone wiping off my face like I'm a little baby. I'm a MAN now. YIPPIE!

Josephine: There goes my peace and quiet. *deep sigh*

He grew up into a pretty well-adjusted kid if I do say so myself. I played a hand in that, y'know.

Mom didn't waste ANY time in trying to get him into Belladonna Prep.

It only took one time this time ... lucky kid. I'm scarred for life cuz I didn't make it in the first time cuz of mom's migraine ... but Jake, the little scamp, got in with no muss, no fuss. Of course, my being an exemplary student probably helped pave the way. He owes me ... BIG time!

When dad came home, he immediately set out to get Jake ready for life in the area's best private school. I'm not sure Jake enjoyed the experience.

Life is bound to be interesting with this guy under foot, asking about everything under the sun. But that's okay. As his big sis, I'm here to make sure he learns all there is to know about ... well ... everything! Until next time!

Note: Yeah, that's little Jasper being clutched in Jake's hand. Gotta love the glitches! *LOL*

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ruby said...

Jake is a cutie

Kethwyn said...

You may not be toss Jake in the air anymore Josephine, but now you can swing him around by his arms till they pop out of the sockets *snicker*

Aw, he did grow up to be a cutie. Congrats on getting into private school on the first try. :)

Yay for ... um... glitches?

DebC said...

Awwww! Jakey is so cute!
But... *eyes glitch* what's he doing with that dog?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yay! Congrats on the puppies! *waves hello to Jasper and Minnie* Aww, bye puppy. :-( "Or so she thought"? Was she wrong about Jasper having the most personality? I so need to do puppy/kitty things in my game! Max is adorable with Jasper. :-D

Happy birthday, Jake! You may not be able to toss him in the air, but you will be able to swing him around. *grins*

What? I think that's a cute pajama set for a little boy.

Heh, yeah, I think there'll be no such thing as quiet in the house now. Congrats on private school!

*snickers* For a moment, I thought he had bananas on his wallpaper too! Then I realized it was a crescent moon. *grins*

Okay, that's what I THOUGHT that picture was. Poor Jasper! *chuckles*
(considering I was just aww'ing over Deb's blogger icon, it's appropriate that my word verficiation was "purrific"! *grins*)