Friday, January 30, 2009

A Night on the Town - part 2

Very shortly after the strange flash of images in his mind froze him in place, Jess informed him that she had an early day and had to go, but that it was nice meeting him. This distracted him sufficiently enough that the fragments in his mind dissipated like so much snow on the ground in May. He would have attempted to think further on what had just happened ...

... but he became sufficiently distracted once more. The woman with the dark brown hair and the flared pants was distracting him.

She really was quite beautiful ... with her large eyes and full lips.

He probably could have spent all of the remainder of the night looking at her soft features, but someone ... or rather something else caught his eye.

He couldn't be certain ... but ... the man looked like he didn't get enough sunlight. And he also had strangely hued eyes. They looked almost ... almost RED! But ... he couldn't be a VAMPIRE ... could he? Joseph was intrigued by the myths and legends of the world ... vampires in particular. He always thought that there was just enough information to prove the possibility of vampires ... but never anything to disprove it. Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, Joseph watched the "man".

(Is he looking at her with HUNGER in his eyes??? I've never seen anyone look at someone so intensely before. And are those FANGS I see?!)

(Hmm ... I wonder what his problem is with this old guy ...)

(Maybe he wants to gnaw on THIS guy instead of the woman ... his face is more angry, almost wild than it was when he stared at the woman. And he seems to have his teeth ... his sharp, POINTY teeth ... bared more fully.)

(AH! Is he going to ...?!)

Man ... my head hurts. *yawn*

I really have GOT to stop spending all of my time out at night. It's not good for my brain cells.

All I need is a good night's rest ... and all will be well.

Zzzzzzzzz .......

A Note from the Simmer: I mainly took all those vampire shots because I have a default replacement for the vampires, and I had yet to see it up close. Looks pretty good, don't it? :OD)) Plus, my Joseph has vampires as a Turn on. I wanted to see if he'd do anything interesting. :OD))


Why on EARTH is this old biddy thinking about BABIES?!?! *shudders at the thought*

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A Night on the Town - part 1

So ... Joseph was going to embrace this new life that was being given to him. As his first step in doing so, he decided to accept a stranger's invitation to visit the downtown area of Belladonna Cove (Mark II).

It wasn't quite an immediate reaction ... but pretty darn close to one, but Joseph was beginning to think that he may have made a mistake in "jumping into the pool with his eyes closed".

Jenna Bradshaw was NOT the kind of person he wanted to get to know. She had this thing about her personal hygiene that Joseph found a bit ... well ... unbearable and offensive, not to put too fine a point on it. And he wasn't the only person to think so. He decided that if he was going to have a good time, he was going to have to ditch her.

Granted, dressing up like a bartender to give her the slip didn't work out as well as he hoped it might. Like a rottweiler with a juicy piece of meat, she found him almost immediately ... much to his utter joy. He decided that he would just have to be a gentleman and show her a good time ... even if it killed him. He figured it was best to feed the woman so he made his way over to the hostess' podium to get them seated.

And that's when he saw her. He wasn't certain what it was about this woman, but seeing her sent a tingle all over his body. Whether it was a good tingle or a bad tingle, he wasn't one hundred percent certain.

While talking with Jenna, he got the feeling that the mysterious woman was watching him for some unfathomable reason. It was like his "Spider Sense" was tingling or something. If anyone were to ask him later what Jenna and he talked about, he wouldn't have been able to say. He was too distracted.

Nor would he have been able to mention what they ordered for dinner, considering all he could concentrate on was the fact that the mysterious woman was now sitting at the bar. Though he did recall that their waitress was very pretty.

He wouldn't, however, have any trouble remembering how Jenna ate. Her tables manners ... YEESH!!

Joseph was almost, but not one hundred percent certain, that he heard this man murmur:

Man: Maybe you should give her a feed bag!

Joseph had, in fact, considered it.

Who was this mysterious woman? And why did her presence place such a hold on him? She was attractive, yes ... but not in any way that made her stand out from anyone else.

As a matter of fact, there was a woman on the other side of the room that nearly stole Joseph's attention away from the mystery already before him.

However, with his attention back on the mysterious woman, Joseph was almost certain there was something about her that was vaguely familiar. He grew frustrated when he couldn't figure out why. He just couldn't put his finger on what it was. Figuring that there was only one way he would be able to figure it out without going slowly insane, and with a good excuse to ditch Jenna Bradshaw ...

he decided to approach her. He introduced himself and subsequently found out that her name was Jess Arden. Obviously, the name didn't really ring any bells, since he couldn't even remember his own name, but as he stood talking to her, he knew that somehow, somewhere ... he'd met her before.

And while he talked to her about the crime running rampant in the newly populated Belladonna Cove (Mark II) ...

... that she believed was a load of bull, but just rumors being propagated by the minds of the uninformed ...

... fragments of memories (his memories???) flashed quickly through his mind.

Part 2

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Settling In

Joseph didn't know how long he sat staring at his computer screen, the screensaver having kicked in a while ago, his mind running in continuous loops regarding the "conversation" he'd just had with the user known only as "CotM". However, the next thing he knows, he's hearing voices (not in his head though).

He quite clearly hears one of the voices saying,
"Just go on up and say hi. He doesn't seem to have a door to knock on."

Blinking out of his mental turmoil, he turned his head towards the voices to find that he has some more visitors.

Joseph: Umm ... hi there. May I help you?

Man: Well, no, not as such, but maybe we can help you! Hi there! My name's Gilbert Jacquet and I'm one of your neighbors. This lady in the pink is Mrs. Wanda Tinker. She lives just up the road a ways. And this lovely lady in blue is Mrs. Lisa Ramirez ... also an inhabitant of this recently vacated town.

Joseph: Hello, I'm Joseph ... Joseph Schmoepova. Newly moved here.

Gilbert: I guess we're what'cha call "The Welcome Wagon". We welcome all new folks to the area so that they settle in faster. We find it makes a move transition easier. Besides, it's a nice way to meet folks. You seem like a pretty nice fellow though.

Joseph: Oh ... thanks!

In the background ...

Wanda: Isn't Gilbert just so hot? Such a TAKE CHARGE kinda guy.

Lisa: I know, right!

Lisa: He's the kind of guy that appears maybe once in a blue moon.

Wanda: You'll get no argument from me. Just don't tell my husband. I'm sure your husband would have kittens if he heard us discussing another man like this.

Gilbert: So ... what do you think of some of our ladies, eh? Nice, right?

Joseph (noncommittally): Mmm ...

Gilbert: You don't mind if I take a look at your property, do you? I've always wondered what it would be like to live on the beach.

Joseph: No, go right ahead. I, obviously, have nothing to hide.

Gilbert: Great! Why don't you be a gentlemen and go over there and get to know the ladies. I'm sure they'd like to get know a stud like you a bit better. Women around here are like vultures when it comes to men. You're fresh meat to them. Just wait and see.

Joseph briefly watches as Gilbert wanders off down to the beach before returning his attention to his others guests. Lisa Ramirez has already made herself at home. Wanda appears to be waiting for him so he figures he might as well start with her.

Wanda: I don't mean to frighten you or anything, but you really ought to get some walls and a door with a lock. This neighborhood, while not bustling like it used to before that weird plague, still has the criminal element. Protect what little valuables you have.

Joseph: Are you serious?!

Wanda: VERY serious.

Joseph: Wow ... guess I'm going to need to find some employment so I can start getting my house in order.

Joseph: Should I buy some handscuffs?

Wanda: Hmmm ... depends on what you plan to do with them.

Just as Joseph was starting to get into the 'handcuff' conversation with Wanda Tinker, another visitor arrived, one he'd been expecting for about twenty minutes.

Delivery Guy: Hey, man. That'll be §30.

Joseph: That's not a bad price for eight boxes.

Wanda (snorting): Yeah, if you LIKE Chinese food. If you don't mind, I'm going to go down to the beach with the others.

Joseph: Sure, go right ahead. I'm going to have something to eat. I'm STARVING! Feel free to join me and tell the others there's plenty if they'd like some.

Wanda gave him a backward wave as she wandered down to the beach. With a shrug, he turned and climbed the stairs up to his house.

Contrary to what Wanda Tinker implied, the Chinese food was quite tasty to Joseph. Of course, he couldn't recall what he last ate, or when he last ate. All he knew for certain was that he was hungry, and this food was really hitting the spot. Maybe it was the MSG.

He could hear his visitors down on the beach, seemingly enjoying themselves, but he really wasn't in any kind of mood to properly entertain them. He was still a bit dazed about what he'd just learned from "CotM". Considering he had no memory of the things the individual hinted at, it was really hard for him to wrap his mind around everything that was revealed. A Mind Altering/Erasing device?! What a CONCEPT!

He was just starting to think about how one could possibly create such a device when his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Lisa Ramirez who grabbed herself a box of Chinese food and made herself comfortable at his dining room table. He was just digging his chopsticks back into the box when he heard Lisa Ramirez ask quite clearly:

Lisa: So ... Wanda was telling me you wanted to buy handcuffs. I would never have guessed you were into that sort of thing, dressed the way you are. I guess one should never judge a book by its cover.

Joseph (coughing): ExCUSE me?! I wasn't thinking of anything like that! I just wondered if I should buy handcuffs to restrain any burglars who might try to break in ... until the police arrive and take over. I am not ... that is to say ...!

Lisa (laughing): Hey, hey! I was only joking. Calm down! Heh. Don't have a coronary. I didn't know you were that uptight.

Joseph: I'm not the type to kiss and tell, Mrs. Ramirez ... even if I were into such things.

That conversation pretty much killed it for Joseph. He hadn't really been in an entertaining mood in the first place. Having a lot on his mind also made him a poor host. He didn't mind meeting new people, he just ... needed time to get his head back on straight. Shortly after Lisa finished her food, he gathered them all together, thanked them for coming over and for their advice, and told them that he needed to go into town to see if he could find any more furnishings for his place. This little white lie quite effectively got them off of his lot so he could be alone.

He didn't stay alone for long though. A stray wandered onto his lot and up onto his foundation. He was a big dog, but a gentle dog. Joseph liked him and wondered if he needed a home.

It was while he was playing fetch with the dog that he saw a very beautiful woman walking past. She was so beautiful, in fact, that he found himself forgetting his earlier troubles. He was eager to speak with her.

Shooing the dog away, he approached her.

Joseph: Umm ... hi. Do you ... uhh ... come here ... often?

If he could smack his forehead for the lameness of that statement, he would have. It would have to wait until this beautiful woman left though.

Woman (yawning ... and in a bored tone): No, not really.

Joseph, with a flash of insight that came out of nowhere, began talking to her about the internet.

Joseph: I find it really interesting how complicated smiley faces have gotten since internet chatting first took off.

Woman (excitedly): Really?! So do I! I mean, can you imagine trying to chat with someone without smiley faces? How are we to know what kind of mood they're in? It would be like ... UNIMAGINABLE!

The two of them chatted excitedly about computers and the internet for quite some time before the woman, who's name was Holly Chin, said she had to leave. Before Joseph could even get out a "come again soon" ...

... she had her lips locked with his. When she slowly pulled away from him, a small smile curving her lips, Joseph could only stare at her, dazed. Then she waved and wandered down the sidewalk and out of sight.

He barely had time to ruminate on this latest mental jigsaw puzzle when his phone started ringing. He hadn't even been aware that he had a phone ... or a phone number! Upon answering, he was greeted by a woman who said she lived in town and had heard that he'd just moved in. Considering he was so new to the area, she wondered if he'd like to meet her downtown so she could show him the best places to eat and dance.

His first instinct was to turn her down. After all, who was she? A perfect stranger! And how had she gotten a hold of his phone number. HE didn't even know what it was! But when he recalled the kiss he'd unexpectedly received, a thought occurred to him. If this was his home, he would eventually want to meet someone, settle down with that person. What better way to meet someone than to go out on the town?

Joseph: Sure. I'd love to meet you downtown ... 7:00 PM? Sounds great! See you then.

Well, if he was going out, he would need a shower. He had no idea when he'd last had one ... since he couldn't remember past today ... so it was probably a good idea to freshen up a bit.

The shower, the water nice and hot, relaxed muscles he hadn't realized were tense. And as he began to relax, he decided that this new life of his was going to be a great life. He would make sure of it.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Joseph blinked one more time before his brain finally managed to send enough electricity through his neurons to get his hands to start typing. Perhaps this "CotM" would have some idea what was going on. Perhaps he could get answers to his questions from this individual. That was his hope. SimHoo IM started up quickly and he found himself typing in the information that "CotM" had provided.

He had barely hit the return key when an alert sound chimed, startling him. Looking up at his screen, he saw that "CotM" was already online.

CotM: Hello, Joseph. How are you settling in to your new home?

Captain ManBeast: Umm ... as well as can be expected all things considered.

CotM: Oh? What's up?

Captain ManBeast: Oh, not much ... considering I don't know how I ended up here, or why I'm here ... and I can't remember much of anything prior to stepping out of the cab and onto the beach.

CotM: Oh! It worked! :O) The EO will be pleased.

Captain ManBeast: What worked? Who's "The EO" ... and who the hell are you while we're at it?

CotM: The mind altering/erasing device. The EO is the purveyor of all of Legacyland and ... well, my boss (of sorts). Me? I'm The EO's right hand. I dole out the rewards and punishments. I rewarded you with a punishment.

Captain ManBeast: ......... What do you mean by that?

CotM: By what?

Captain ManBeast: Well ... all of it, but most importantly ... that bit about punishment.

CotM: Does it really matter?

Captain ManBeast: If it has anything, anything at all to do with why I can't remember anything, then ... well ... HELL YEAH!!

CotM: I'm not really sure if I'm at liberty to tell you anything about your former life.

Captain ManBeast: FORMER? What the hell does that mean?!

CotM: According to Sim-Webster's Dictionary: Former - noun. 1a: coming before in time. 1b: of, relating to, or occurring in the past. 2: preceding in place or arrangement : foregoing. 3: first in order of two or more things cited or understood. 4: having been previously. Pretty simple word to understand I should think.

Captain ManBeast: I don't know you, and already I don't think I like you very much.

CotM: Well, that's just plain rude! Here I am, giving you a perfectly good definition of the word ... and you insult me. There's gratitude for you.

Captain ManBeast: You know PERFECTLY well what I meant, smartass! What did you mean when you referred to my life - my former life?!

CotM: And now he's calling me names. Well, if this is how you're going to chat at me, I'm logging out.

Captain ManBeast: NO! Don't go! Look ... *sigh* ... I'm sorry, okay? I'm just having a really weird moment here. It's a bit disconcerting waking up in a cab to find that I've been dropped off in the middle of nowhere without a memory and then later being called by a name I don't recognize. You'll have to forgive me if I sound a bit out of sorts.

CotM: Joseph Schmoepova is a good name, don't you think? I thought of it myself. ^__^

Captain ManBeast: YOU gave me that name?! But ... but WHY?!

CotM: You weren't very well-liked in you former life, m'boy. You did cruel things to nice people. I'm giving you a rarely given second chance to do something good with your life. I've taken you away from your old life ... where I believe if we hadn't gotten to you, someone else would have. So ... instead of sleeping with the fishes ... or the alternative of me getting a hold of you and stripping your skin from your body with my Flaming Liquid Nitrogen Sword and leaving you to die baking in the sun, The EO gave me permission to "remold" you.

Captain ManBeast: O__o

CotM: My thoughts exactly. Do good things. Settle down. Make gorgeous babies with a nice lady ... or a nice man if that's your preference. Just DO something. Do something USEFUL for the SimWorld. Just know that I'm watching you. If I find that you are slipping into old habits, I've already been given permission to take more PERMANENT actions against you. So ... good luck with your new life and try not to screw it up this time, Joseph Schmoepova. >:O}

CotM has signed off.

Joseph sat there at his computer, oblivious to everything going on around him. His mind and thoughts in turmoil. He may not have FULLY grasped his situation, but one thing was perfectly clear - he was home.

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