Friday, January 30, 2009

A Night on the Town - part 2

Very shortly after the strange flash of images in his mind froze him in place, Jess informed him that she had an early day and had to go, but that it was nice meeting him. This distracted him sufficiently enough that the fragments in his mind dissipated like so much snow on the ground in May. He would have attempted to think further on what had just happened ...

... but he became sufficiently distracted once more. The woman with the dark brown hair and the flared pants was distracting him.

She really was quite beautiful ... with her large eyes and full lips.

He probably could have spent all of the remainder of the night looking at her soft features, but someone ... or rather something else caught his eye.

He couldn't be certain ... but ... the man looked like he didn't get enough sunlight. And he also had strangely hued eyes. They looked almost ... almost RED! But ... he couldn't be a VAMPIRE ... could he? Joseph was intrigued by the myths and legends of the world ... vampires in particular. He always thought that there was just enough information to prove the possibility of vampires ... but never anything to disprove it. Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, Joseph watched the "man".

(Is he looking at her with HUNGER in his eyes??? I've never seen anyone look at someone so intensely before. And are those FANGS I see?!)

(Hmm ... I wonder what his problem is with this old guy ...)

(Maybe he wants to gnaw on THIS guy instead of the woman ... his face is more angry, almost wild than it was when he stared at the woman. And he seems to have his teeth ... his sharp, POINTY teeth ... bared more fully.)

(AH! Is he going to ...?!)

Man ... my head hurts. *yawn*

I really have GOT to stop spending all of my time out at night. It's not good for my brain cells.

All I need is a good night's rest ... and all will be well.

Zzzzzzzzz .......

A Note from the Simmer: I mainly took all those vampire shots because I have a default replacement for the vampires, and I had yet to see it up close. Looks pretty good, don't it? :OD)) Plus, my Joseph has vampires as a Turn on. I wanted to see if he'd do anything interesting. :OD))


Why on EARTH is this old biddy thinking about BABIES?!?! *shudders at the thought*

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DebC said...

Oh no! Is Joe starting to remember who he really is?!?

kimbalaya said...

Eek! A vampire! I don't like those. *shudder* Joe sure spent a lot of time thinking about what he was up to there.

SuziCat said...

That memory effect was super awesome! Reminded me of when you get backstories in video games. At the end, I thought Joe maybe got himself vampified for a minute there!!!

ruby said...

interesting update. so is he gonna go for Jess or the chick in brown?
Shame no one got bitten!

Oydie said...

I like your default vampire skin, very nice :)

Kethwyn said...

Ooo, a flashback. Will Joe start to remember who he is, or will the flashback remain elusive, like that dream which you can almost, but not quite, remember in the morning.

As for whom Joe should pursue? Go for Jess, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Jess! Much better then the slob for sure. I liked the touch of the flashbacks. Very nicely done.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Geeze, Joe, fickle much? First Jess, then the waitress, then the other woman on the end of the bar, then back to Jess, now flared-pants girl? Tsk!

Well, at least this time his distraction was a vampire instead of another hottie. Maybe the old guy distracted the hold he was building on that woman?

WHAT?!? What the heck, woman? What do you think you're doing, cutting it off there? *scoffs* TEASE!

Mao said...

LOL, the vampire! Those are some scary faces. :x

Haha, poor Joe. No love for him. He's not making out too good...

Old, cranky biddies love them some babies.