Friday, January 23, 2009

Be it ever so humble ...

Ugh ... man ... my head hurts ... That must've been some party last night ... yeah ... heh ... heh ... *groan* ...

Where the hell did the cab drop me anyway?

I always knew you couldn't trust cab drivers. Psychopaths ... the lot of them. The guy dropped me off in the middle of nowhere ...

In the middle of nowhere on a beach. Where there's absolutely no one else around. Just perfect ...

Maybe if I went and sat down ... let the sea air clear my head, I might be able to remember something important ... like the name of the cab company so I can complain about poor service. Yeah ... that's the ticket.

The sounds of the waves crashing against the beach is a soothing sound. It's almost hypnotic ... and definitely soothing.

This isn't bad. It's nice here. Wherever here is.

The waves are quite hypnotic ... both by sight and sound ... *dazed*

I wonder where everyone is. I guess I really should get up from here and try to see if I can find a phone ... or maybe hitchhike somewhere with a population.

He turns his head and freezes.

Where the HELL did THAT come from?!

After wandering around for a couple of hours, he comes to the conclusion that wherever he is, he's there all alone. No one else is a around. The clump of foundation that suddenly appeared behind him seems not to have any clues about its origins and he decides he'll hang around for a while ... see if anything turns up.

A few minutes after he decides on this course of action, he is astounded into paralysis when a couple of bulky-looking guys in a rather non-descript white truck with no logo approach the clump of foundation and start modifying it.

When they're done ... this structure stands before him. Unfortunately, he waits too long in his astonishment. The guys are already in their truck and long gone by the time he gathers his wits together.

Damn. What do I do now? *sigh*

Suddenly, he feels an impulse to start digging. He found a shovel leaning against the wall of the foundation ... and figures he might as well put it to good use.

It's while he's digging in his second location that he observes a young girl, probably no more than sixteen, approaching from down the street. She's wearing what appears to be a uniform and is carrying a rather heavy-looking duffel bag on one shoulder. Silent, but alert, he watches her.

Oh! A papergirl! Maybe she can tell me where I am ... and how I go about getting the hell outta here.

Of course, it hasn't yet crossed his mind that he won't know where to go from here. Even if he knew where "here" was, he's ill equipped to get anywhere but back on the beach staring at the waves.

Our Guy: Hello, there. Listen, can you ...?

Papergirl: Oh! Mr. Schmoepova! I didn't know you were home. I'm sorry for just barging in on you. Guess I shoulda shouted to see if you were around. They told me down at the newspaper that someone had just bought the big seaside lot and that I would be adding it to my route in the morning's. Let me be the first to welcome you to Belladonna Cove Mark II. I'm Keira Long and I'll be delivering your morning paper.

He is momentarily stunned into silence as this information filters his still-throbbing head. Believing some sort of clarification was in order, he smiled at the teen.

Mr. Schmoepova: Err ... you're Keira Long, right?

Keira: Right!

Mr. Schmoepova: And I'm ...?

It was here that he paused ... a frown coming to his face. Schmoepova ... that's what the girl said his name was ... but there was no tingle of recognition in his mind at it. He stood there, staring at Keira's feet so long that the girl became concerned.

Thinking that perhaps her new guy had some sort of hangover, Keira felt it was her duty to be as helpful as she could be.

Keira: You're Joseph Schmoepova.

Joseph: Oh. Umm ... of course. Of course, I am! Heh! What kinda idiot doesn't know his own name. Certainly not me. And this place is ... MY home, right?

Keira: That's right, sir. Bought and paid for. You must be pretty well off to afford such a large lot ... and right on the water, too! I'm so jealous!

Joseph: Umm ... yeaaaah.

Joseph just nodded and smiled. How could he tell this little slip of a girl that he had no idea if he was "well off" or not. He couldn't recall anything at all! His mind was a total blank! That ... was NOT good! Not wanting this girl to think he was some sort of crackpot ... or crackhead ... he began talking to her about mundane, everyday topics.

Joseph: So ... do you know where I could find a fairly cheap television set?

Keira: Why get a cheap one? You've probably got enough money squirreled away to get the latest 56" 3D HDTV!

Joseph: You think so?

Keira: Absolutely! I've heard that they can even project a rendered chef into your kitchen to teach you how to cook like the gourmets! I TOTALLY wanna get one when I can afford to. That's why I'm doing this paper route.

Joseph: Umm ... I'm not really into cooking all that much.

Newcomer: Heeeey, Keira! What're you still doing hanging around here, girl? Don't you have some papers to deliver?

Keira: Oh! Sorry, Mr. Humble! I didn't realize I'd been lingering so long.

Mr. Humble: That's okay, Keira. Just be more careful next time.

Keira: It was nice meeting you Mr. Schmoepova. I'll see you again tomorrow.

Stunned into silence once more, Joseph looks at the newcomer ... a Mr. Humble according to the papergirl. Maybe he, an adult, could assist him better.

Joseph turned around to address the gentlemen only to have his thoughts interrupted by Mr. Humble placing a brightly wrapped gift on the floor of his ... well ... "home".

And then he was speaking to him.

Mr. Humble: I hope you put it to good use, Mr. Schmoepova. I highly recommend that you plug it in and jump online. You might find something ... or someone useful. So long!

Joseph: Oh, wait, but I ...!

But the man was already gone. Drat! Sighing, Joseph turned towards the package. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he went ahead and opened it.

Not bad. It looked like he could use a computer. His home was very minimalistic, from what he was able to observe. And at least it would keep him connected to the outside. Belladonna Cove Mark II didn't seem to be overly populated.

Following the advice of Mr. Humble, he got the computer set up on a desk that was conveniently located on his foundation and turned it on.

He was more than a little surprise to find that he had an email waiting for him when he connected to the internet (must have been some sort of new-fangled wireless desktop). Opening the message, he saw the following words:

Hey there, Joseph. When you get this message, log into SimHoo Instant Messenger. I believe you and I have a few things we need to discuss. Your login name is "Captain ManBeast". Your password is "MiNdF*-k".

Yours Truly,

Joseph blinked ... blinked ... and blinked once more.

What the HELL?!?!

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Lisa said...

I love Joe's lot! His abode is coming right along, too.

LOL @ his password!

ruby said...

Bwahahahaha! I love it, Captain ManBeast, password MiNdF*-k
I love this, he has no recollection of anything in the past... the plot thickens.. dun dun dun!

pirate-librarian said...

Very interesting! I, too, loved the [insert name] -- did something like that when writing my nanowrimo. lol

Ooh, Poor Joe has no memory... ooooh :)

Oydie said...

It will be interesting to see if his past evil personality surfaces.
Oh dear it looks like someone is trying to mess with the Court of Manbeasts sentance!

SuziCat said...

I love his little beach shed, hee hee! Good idea for him to have a roof of sorts! [Insert Name] is actually pretty cute for a teen! maybe age her and see if she and Joe hit it off, hee hee!

kimbalaya said...

Great idea to put a roof over the foundation even though there aren't any walls!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yeah, that was definitely some "party" last night. *snickers* Unscrupulous cab drivers! *giggles*

Dude, you sit staring at the waves too long and you're going to be in a bit of trouble. Like, hunger, bladder, sleep, little things like that.

You're lucky some Goddess likes you and gave you the bare essentials there, bub. Wow, you gave him a roof. Nice!

Er, that's her name? [INSERT NAME]? Or did you forget to write it down? *peers*

The people in this town are very strange. *shakes her head at the papergirl and Mr. Humble*

Well, interesting e-mail he had waiting for him. (And nice password! *cackles*)

Anjel76 said...

Heh! All the stuff I did in my sim's world this weekend, and I totally forgot to correct the [INSERT NAME] bit ... even though I went in game on Friday evening to write it down. It's fixed now. :O))

Kethwyn said...

Just catching up on my Joes...

Nice to see that your Joe hasn't lost all his attitude with that sudden bout of amnesia he's experiencing. He's going to find this 'being reduced to a no-one with nothing' a bit of a humbling experince though, I think.

Aw, I liked Keira better as Miss Insert Name Here.

*snickers at Joe's logon and password*

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joe sure is befuddled. I can only imagine what was going through his mind when he saw that message, LOL!

Bubbs said...

Wow, Joe has such a nice lot. He just has no memory to go with it...haha!

A mystery email! I wonder what he will find when he logs on.

suzie sim said...

lmao!! he's off to a marvelous start there - and a beach lot to boot! woot! :D
Love the mysterious people in this mysterious town! *claps*

Mao said...

LOL @ the paper girl getting "scolded" by Mr. Humble. Pssh! Maybe he thought Joe might get the wrong idea? ;)

Poor Joe is so confused!

/snickers "Captain ManBeast"! MIND$%*# AHAHAHA

Xhyleh said...

This' the first time I've realized that Mr. Humble is a sim...I always thought he was just another bug, just to be stomped on! Too bad he won't die...