Tuesday, February 3, 2009

As Luck Would Have It

Wow ... that was certainly something last evening. I think that's the last time I allow myself to be swayed to go somewhere by a complete stranger. I can't remember a single thing after we ate dinner.

Joseph woke up bright and early the next morning, his mind in a fog. He couldn't recall having drank anything alcoholic, but who knew what that mind contraption that "CotM" mentioned had done to his brain. He made the decision to stock up on Ginkgo Biloba when he had the extra simoleons.

Still without a refrigerator, he forced himself to eat the leftover Chinese food from the day before. He ruminated on last evening's events, or what he could remember of it. It was while he was thinking, a frown marring his features, that a guest dropped by.

Now considering how he didn't have a door ... or any walls for that matter, it really was nothing for someone to drop by and glance at his newspaper. But ... this woman really caught Joseph's eye. She really was quite beautiful. Chinese food forgotten, he approached her.

Having noticed similarly dressed individuals walking past his home before, he greeted this new person in a similar fashion. What surprised him was that she accepted the greeting ... even seemed impressed by it to the point of doing Joseph a favor.

That was very kind of her to offer.

Impressed with her generosity (as he REALLY needed the money a computer of such technological advancement could bring) as well as with her kindness and her sweet nature ...

... Joseph felt his heart give a little lurch. Granted, he had felt his heart twitter in his chest before when looking at other women, but this woman seemed different somehow.

He wasn't about to lose his head over a woman, however. He was in no hurry to fall in love ... none at all.

Feeling lighthearted after Lydia Vu left, he decided to try his luck at digging in his yard again. He'd heard some rumors floating around that the previous inhabitants of Belladonna Cove, and even the early settlers, left treasures all around town waiting for some lucky individual to dig up. Joseph, who was still in financial straits, was hoping he'd be such a person.

He hadn't been digging for long when ... *CLINK* ...

What's this ... ?

Not quite knowing what he'd found, he took it to a museum curator downtown to have it appraised.

Not bad! Not bad at all! When the curator expressed an interest to know what he planned to do with it, and Joseph mentioned that he was probably just going to sell it to a collector since he needed the money, the curator out and out offered to buy it from him. Seeing the desperation in the other man's eyes, Joseph decided that it was better off in a museum. This way other people, everyday people, could enjoy it.

Still feeling lucky, Joseph tried his luck once more.

This time, all he found was an old bone. He wondered if he could somehow pass it off as an archaeological find, but then decided not to press his luck. He sold it to a dog kennel for §25.

Joseph was getting ready to attempt a third excavation of his yard, when he was suddenly greeted by Tristen Chin who just happened to be walking by and wondered why a strange man was digging on property she knew to have been sold. Joseph explained to her that it was his land, that he wasn't doing anything illegal. When she asked him what he was doing, he simply stated, "Gardening." It was while they were talking about the best kinds of vegetables to plant at that time of year, he realized she looked familiar.

Joseph: Are you related to Holly Chin?

Tristen: She's my cousin.

Joseph: Is that right? Are you also as heavy into the internet as she is?

Tristen: You better believe it! I actually design different varieties of cursors ... if you can believe that. It's actually quite lucrative.

Joseph listened to her with only one ear while he had a conversation with himself in his other ear. She was also quite beautiful. Why were there so many beautiful women in this neighborhood? How was one man to choose one? The RIGHT one?

He wasn't certain, but ... he figured he might as well have a good time trying.

After Tristen left, he decided that instead of filling in all of his holes, he really would start a garden.

Tristen had recommended tomatoes, since they were quite hardy. So that's what he did. If he had a garden, he wouldn't have to subsist on Chinese food and instant dinners. He was dying for a freshly prepared, non-processed meal. And since selling the computer and the Tiki idol ... he had a bit more money to his name. He decided that it was just about time to make some changes.

He attempted to enclose the entire house, but found it left him hurting for cash. He ended up leaving the back wall of the house off. The sea was nice the look at after all.

His lots was actually starting to feel like a home ... one that he would someday be proud of, that he would on day pass down to his children. How was that for the start of a new life?

Just a house-keeping picture. I forgot to show Joseph's aspiration stuff. :O))

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kimbalaya said...

His little studio-style house is coming along nicely! Seems he has a way with the ladies, too. Hopefully he'll find the right one. My Joe has had to hit the elixer several times to find his.

Anjel76 said...

Yeah. I'm trying to get my Joseph's meter up to gold so he can hit the elixir.

DebC said...

So many women, so little time! Poor Joe! At least he isn't still flashing back to ... things he can't remember.

ruby said...

*grins* Nice view... erm of the house, erm I mean from the house to the sea.. right.. thats what i meant.. really... o.O
he is definitely a ladies man, sexy thang that he is.. try them all out Joe, maybe then you'll find the right one *snickers*

Anjel76 said...

ruby! You made it! :O)

SuziCat said...

It is really pretty with the house on the beach like that; I'll have to play a beach lot sometime. :-)

Oydie said...

He can't remember? Awww I was hoping some questions would be answered. You are ebil. And Joe is a babe magnet :D

Anjel76 said...

I have yet to decide if he's going to go down that bumpy road. Legacies are hard enough as they are without that kind of complication. :O))

Anonymous said...

So many ladies. What is Joe to do? I still vote for Jess, but I'm a little partial. His pad is coming along quite nicely though. He does need some new clothes though, lol.

Anjel76 said...

I like his clothes. I get to see his chest! :O)

Kethwyn said...

"But... this woman really caught Joseph's eye." Translation: "Joe was very 'anxious' and needed sweet luvins badly."

"Joseph decided that it was better off in a museum" Wha... wait... Joe did something nice and for the benefit of other? Wow, the CotM's brainwashing must be working well.

"I actually design different varieties of cursors " ROTFL!!

I vote for Jess as well. She's a sweetie (well, in my game at least). If not Jess then the cursor gal; she's cute too and she and Joe seemed to hit it off well.

Anjel76 said...

But Joseph hits it off well with everyone woman he comes in contact with. I think he only had 1 bolt for Jess Arden. *nods*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

She is pretty and such a friendly greeting! Similarly dressed people? Really? *scratches her head*

But sweet! Another free computer. :-D Are we gonna get her -NAME- any time soon though? *peers*

Finally. *waves to Lydia* Hiya!

Gratz on the idol find!

You man ho! *giggles*

Well, it's a start, at least, right? And it looks like he's got a real fridge there too! But he needs to dump the Chinese food - it's looking a little ripe there. *makes a face*

Mao said...

Poor Joe. So many women, so little time! I wonder who he will choose...

And what's with chicks and the interwebs in this hood? LOL!

He must have some mojo to get a free PC out of a chick he barely met!