Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Place Like Home

Someday, Joseph was quite certain, he would put up a wall and enclose his house entirely. Then maybe he'd put in a large picture window so that he could look out at the crashing waves while cooking or doing the dishes. It was so relaxing and hypnotic. However, he figured the first important thing (aside from enclosing his house) was to purchase a stove. He really was getting tired of these instant meals and ramen noodles.

What he REALLY had a craving for was freshly cooked fish - preferably fried. With a pond on his property, he figured he could fish daily and stock up. Then when he finally had a stove/oven ... he could make some interesting fish dishes ... and maybe use some of the fresh vegetables he was growing in his garden.

Fishing was a waiting game. Joseph figured the stray cat that wandered by probably understood that.

BAH! A boot! What am I supposed to do with THIS? Make Filet of "Sole" like Charlie Simlin?

Rassafrassin ...! Another boot!! And they're both the left boot ... and size elevens 'to boot'. *snort* What the hell am I supposed to do with these?!

Oh. Much better ... though a bit on the small side.

Joseph had no desire to leave his home that day ... and had been pursing some of his interests - like bug collecting. He found it quite fascinating all the different insects he was finding.

Although ... he wasn't always lucky in his finds.

However, with his latest find, he was beginning to wonder if maybe he might have an infestation of beetles. He certainly hoped not. That would not be good for his sparse and ill-protected home.

Of course, considering how rare he believed that species to be, he didn't think he had anything to truly worry about. Besides, it might be small now, but he was quite certain that his collection would be quite impressive someday.

For the first time since appearing on the beach when the taxi dropped him off, Joseph ate fresh food ... prepared, surprisingly enough, in his toaster oven! Who knew it was possible?!

And he felt that he had never tasted anything so mouthwatering in all of his life. He hoped to repeat the experience soon.

Deciding that expanding his cooking prowess might have some unforeseen obstacles, he decided it would be a good idea to read up on Fire Safety.

Better to be safe than sorry!

One morning while checking on his flourishing garden ...

... that he was becoming increasingly adept at taking care of ...

... he introduced himself to Valerie Spitzig ... who had just been passing by and had commented on what a well-tended garden he had.

He was beginning to wonder if Belladonna Cove (Mark II) was a burgeoning area for those people developing those "dot com" companies. Everyone seemed interested in the internet.

Though Valerie was quite pretty, she really didn't do anything for him ... surprisingly enough considering he had yet to form any real designs on any women he'd come in contact with thus far. He'd probably locked lips with every woman who'd passed by his house. Valerie Spitzig was no exception.

Pursuits of women and bugs, however, hadn't sidetracked him from his desire to find interesting artifacts buried in his yard. He truly wondered if there was anything more interesting in his yard than tiki idols and bones.

As it turned out ... he was right!

The glowing chest was appraised forthwith ... and he sold it immediately. That kind of money would not be passed up. He wanted ... NEEDED to improve his home. The money he got for the chest was a great help in that.

He finally had a separate room for his bed. A REAL bedroom! The kitchen, dining room and living rooms were still all one big room ... but he figured he'd be able to change that eventually.

There really was no place like home and Joseph was glad that this one was something that he was building proudly with his own two hands.

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Anonymous said...

I love love love the beach shots. I wish I was at the beach right now.

LOL at Joe and his two left size eleven boots!

Toaster ovens FTW! I make all kinds of things in mine.

Horray for more walls and a bedroom!

SuziCat said...

Yay for Joe hasing a real house now! And lots of beetles, hee hee! One day his princess will come!

Kethwyn said...

Joe's turning into a real nature boy there, isn't he? Watching the waves, fishing, gardening, even digging in the dirt. Not that I think he'll mind that nature boy moniker after digging up that treasure chest. Yay! He's got a roof over his head and walls snuggly surrounding him. Now he can work on finding someone to share his new home (someone other than his fishing buddy, the cat)

*has never used a toaster oven, much less owned one*

Oydie said...

WOOT for finding the tresure chest! Joseph looks like he's really coming on fast :D

pirate-librarian said...

Go Joe! ;) Now if only Joe could meet a lucky lady (or man) to share his life with... cats are nice, but they are not much on conversation. lol

CeeCee said...

Cheers for Joe and his good digging skills! No bad at all.

And Filet of Sole? Oh, that's so bad that it was good. LOL

ruby said...

yay real food! /hugs his toaster oven
nah that lady wasn't pretty enough for Joe.. she doesn't make his heart flutter.. kiss kiss, next!
oooo treasure is good!
I love that he has a house now... but he needs a window, a big picture window... not that dinky thing.

kimbalaya said...

Yay for finding buried treasure! The house is really coming along nicely now. Yeah, what happened to the picture window, though?

Anonymous said...

Very nice, quiet update for dear Joe. He needed a quiet day. But he certainly is progressing nicely! Go Joe! *giggles uncontrollably*

Mao said...

Yay, a shiny treasure chest! I think I've only found one in my game since getting BV. :(

Oooh, and a finished house. Awesome. He's movin' on uppp... to the eaasst siiide...

Toaster ovens are AWESOME for pizzas. Mmm... pizza...

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Poor guy. I don't blame him for getting tired of instant meals.

Charlie Simlin? *giggles* You could hang 'em on your wall? Or sell them to some consignment shop that has a bunch of extra right boots?

Glad he was able to bake his fish in the toaster oven! *cheers*

Valerie is pretty cute. Is she a potential spouse? Nope, guess not. Although, geeze, locking lips with every woman he meets? *tsks*

Ooo, NICE! I still haven't had anyone find a treasure chest yet.

Woot! Walls!! And a real bedroom! *cheers* But he forgot the big bay window to watch the waves while he cooks.