Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonderful Tonight - page 1

Winter has officially blanketed my land in pristine whiteness. I found myself compelled out of my nice, warm house into the cold chill of the ankle-deep snow. My plan: to build a snowman.

I really don't know what possessed me to do it. It was kind of like a compulsion or something ... like some inner voice that I was powerless to resist bade me do it.

The funny ... weird ... strange ... wonderful result of this strange compulsion was not that I built a pretty decent snowman. No. It caused me to call up one of the women in my ever-growing "little black book".

The vision of Lydia Vu just jumped into my mind while I was building the snowman. I hadn't thought about her since she left my property the first and last time we crossed paths. But ... she popped right back in there when I wasn't expecting her to. My mind is a strange place. It scares me sometimes. What could I do with such things except to call her and invite her over. I had to figure out why she'd jumped into my head like that.

Thought I'd throw this shot in here for your amusement. This little glitch happened when Lydia showed up and Joseph greeted her ... *snicker*

It looks very painful. Yes indeed. For BOTH of them. *cackles*

Much to my surprise, she came right over. Before that though, she chastised me (over the phone, of course) for taking so long to call her. She assured me she had NOT been waiting in eager anticipation by her phone for it to ring, and my deep, sexy voice being the one on the other end. Women = strange and mysterious, but interesting ... in a good way. She even complimented me on my small, but ever-expanding bug and insect collection. I like a woman who isn't squeamish about such things. While she admired it, I made us something light to eat - lunchmeat sandwiches always go over well with company.

At first, we were both silent ... and between bites of food we stared at one another. Well ... we would look down at our plates ... take a small bite of our sandwich and quickly look up at the same time. At finding we were looking at one another, we would quickly look back down at our plates. Sometimes, when our eyes met, one or the other of us would open our mouth to say something, anything ... only to have it snap closed once more. It was really kinda ... pathetic not to mention embarrassing. We were both ADULTS for crying out loud! We were behaving like awkward teenagers. Then Lydia took the initiative on the whole "Break the Ice" thing.

Lydia: So ... do you ... watch a lot of television?

Yeah, it was kind of a lame conversation starter, but ... she threw herself out there, much braver than I, to get the proverbial ball rolling. I was just opening my mouth to answer her, when I shifted my gaze from her chin to her eyes ... and forgot what I was going to say. She had really ... REALLY ... beautiful eyes. They were green, but kind of a earthy green ... mossy almost.

Almost without me consciously realizing I was doing it ... almost ... I raised my hand and tentatively rested my palm on the surface of the table, on her half of the table ... effectively entering her personal space. She barely hesitated when she tentatively placed her hand on the table before slowly bringing the tips of her fingers to brush against mine to rest briefly against my knuckles. Then I felt her slowly move those fingers up my forearm and back to the back of my hand to rest once more.

I can't describe to you the sensation that zinged up my arm ... along the side of my neck and over my scalp. The tingles made me want to close my eyes in ecstasy, but I managed to keep my eyes open so I could give her a small, soft smile ... which she returned.

I felt suddenly giddy. I didn't know what to do with myself or with this new ... feeling.

So ... I blew her a kiss across the expanse of my kitchen table.

She seemed pleased that it hit its intended mark.

Unable to contain myself, I stood up from the table and walked around to her side. Taking her hands, I pulled her towards me with a smile. She didn't know what I was up to, but she looked as though she was willing to do anything I asked ...... within reason.

Joseph: Lydia ... would you ... like to accompany me downtown this winter evening? There's this club I know, perhaps you've heard of it? The Crypt O' Night Club? It's got ... great food ... great music ...

I trailed off uncertainly ... as I was beginning to ramble. She barely allowed herself a moment to breathe before she answered.

Lydia: Joseph, I thought you'd never ask.

I told her that I preferred to walk there. The snow was still quite fresh and the landscape was a wonderland. I wasn't about to tell her that I had just enough money in my wallet for a decent dinner (no lunchmeat sandwiches), but nothing for transportation. She didn't seem to mind. As a matter of fact, she seemed to enjoy tracking through the snow, leaving a trail in her wake. I found that endearing.

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CeeCee said...

I really liked the little heart streams that followed the cursor over the photo. Very nice touch.

I'm glad he finally called someone too. And she's so pretty and obviously smitten with him as well.

Mao said...

Ooh, could it be? Has Joe finally found his match in Miss. Lydia??

(I have an inkling she's not fearful of bugs due to a possible Beatlejuice acquaintance..)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*blinks* Why doesn't the snowman throw a shadow? *is creeped out*

Hello Lydia!

*chuckles at their awkward lunch* Yup, I think he likes her. :-D Yay for flirting! Hmm, flirting and awkward conversations... maybe he really is a teen.

Yay, he finally asked her on a date! *cheers*