Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Brings Us Together - page 2

It was a beautiful ceremony with just us and the Creator as witnesses. She did express a minor concern that it was all just a dream, not to mention not binding. I assured her that I had checked into things earlier. It was all quite legal and binding and we only needed to file a copy of the signed Wedding certificate at the courthouse.

I did express to her my regret that I couldn't afford to take her on a honeymoon to someplace wonderful ... like a tropical island ... or the orient ... or a beautiful mountain lodge, but she assured me that just being with me was honeymoon enough. Right then, I vowed that as soon as we could afford it, I would take her somewhere to celebrate "Us".

While she made herself comfortable in our bedroom, I stared out into the night, my mind whirling with all that had happened to me since stepping out of that taxi cab. So far ... this was the best night of my life. And it was about to get even better.

We both settled ourselves on the bed ... and stared at the wall for what seemed like forever. Both of us were nervous about this next step. Even though we had already been intimate with one another (I would never be able to look at another photobooth without remembering that moment), I didn't know about her, but I felt like a virgin. I wanted to make tonight wonderful for her, and I felt the pressure of NOT screwing it up. It was our wedding night after all. Once again, it was Lydia who broke the ice. And she broke it in a BIG way.

Lydia: I want you to kiss me now, Joseph.

Joseph: Right now?

Lydia: Yes, right now.

Who was I to argue with a woman who knew what she wanted? I was just her husband. *grin*

Lydia smelled so good and she fit perfectly in the circle of my arms.

Her body was so warm against me.

And when I leaned forward to kiss her, I saw the desire in her beautiful eyes. It caused my blood to boil and become inflamed.

I kissed her gently ... initially.

But that was just a prelude. That one touch of her silky lips against mine was enough to snap my control.

I slowly and gently pressed her against the bed, hovering over her, my eyes dark with passion.

Then I kissed her more deeply than I had ever kissed her before. I wanted to crawl inside of her and never leave.

Hours later ... many, MANY hours later, we lay together, sated ... for the moment. She looked at me with that small smile of hers, and I gazed at her out of the corner of my eye ... smug and pleased.

Then we snuggled, both of us quiet and enjoying being close to one another. I didn't think my life could get any better than it was right at that moment.

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ruby said...

aw more lovey dovey happiness
they're awfully cute together.
i look forward to seeing their kidlets.

pirate-librarian said...

Awww.. and they're "only" a 2 LB couple? If they were a 3, I think they'd wear themselves down to a shadow... and the sweetness... its tooooo cute!

kimbalaya said...

Yay for weddings! Oh, I love all the candles on the fence posts!!

(Sorry if this duplicates, it acted weird when I posted the first time.)

Anjel76 said...

Sorry, ruby. I know you like mayhem. :O}

Oydie said...

Hawt stuff! When your Joeseph finally decides on something he makes up for lost time! So ummm remind me of Lydia's aspiration? And did they hear ... music?

CeeCee said...

*sighs* How wonderful.

I gotta ask though, where'd you find the picture above the bed? From what little I could see of it, it looks awesome.

And why is my verification word nohorr? Does it think I don't already know that? LOL

Anjel76 said...

I'll never tell, Oydie. I'll never tell. >:O))) And Lydia's aspiration is Fortune Sim (2ndary is Family). :O)

SuziCat said...

What a beautiful wedding! Very nice shot of them with the arch against the beach before the proposal!

Anonymous said...

The wedding was lovely, but made me shiver. I would be freezing off some essential parts, dressed like that when there's snow on the ground.

I like that bedding.

Lydia is very pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing their kidlets.

Anjel76 said...

The fires of their love kept them warm, I assure you. ;O))

Mao said...

Darn you people and your sim snuggling. My sims refuse to. I still haven't had any. :(

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*snickers* Good for Lydia for not waiting for him to make the first move, shy little creature that he is.

They look absolutely beautiful on the bed, curled up together, cuddling, kissing.

Hehe, glad they enjoyed their wedding night!