Friday, March 20, 2009

... And Birthdays

On the eve of Josephine's birthday, Lydia attempted to finish teaching her the important toddler skills to her.

Success was theirs!

And just for fun, and to take our daughter's mind off of our recent horror, she taught her some nursery rhymes.

And then it was time.

It was time to usher my daughter into her childhood.

Joseph: Make a wish and blow out the candles, Jo!

Josephine: Cake!

I gave my tiny one a kiss on her forehead, a kiss that I hoped help within it the power of luck in all things she endeavored towards. Then I stepped back and let her do the rest.

Before our eyes, our baby became a child.

While she dug into her cake (girl's got a sweet tooth a mile wide), I snuck outside to see about her birthday present.

This is Janie. I decided instead of waiting for Max to reappear, that I would get a dog. After the burglary attempt, I felt better knowing that we would have someone to guard us while we slept. And I thought she'd make a good companion for Josephine.

Granted, she was still very young ... and as such, we had some training to do.

I was quite certain she would be a welcome addition to the family though.

Although ... I did have hopes that someday Max would return. Perhaps he and Janie would get along and make puppies. Wouldn't that be nice?

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kimbalaya said...

Thank goodness the burglar waited until they had walls and an alarm! Josephine grew up into a cutie. And Janie is a great looking dog!

Oydie said...

What a unique colouring Janie has. Did you manage to get that pretty cop into your phone book?

Anonymous said...

Joe looks very evil in that one picture . . . after the burglar came.

I love seeing him and Janie together on the beach.

ruby said...

burglaress! how rude.
I love that shot of Joe. he does look evil ... sexy evil!
happy bday Jo!
welcome Janie .. yay puppy!

Anonymous said...

It seems so weird to see Joe dressed up like a witch. YAY! The burglar was caught! OMG! Joe looks so evil! Why don't you get that boy some new clothes? He's still walking around in a fishnet shirt! LOL. Josephine is adorable and I love the look of the dog. Beautiful.

Kethwyn said...

*giggles at Joe calling his daughter Jo-jo*

Oh my... those are some pretty vehemenent thoughts Joe is having towards the burglar. He's not having a flashback (or would that be relapse?) to his former self, is he?

Aw Josephine and Janie are going to be adorable together. They're both so cute. Although... from that last pic... Janie looks like she would prefer to be Joe's dog than Josephine's *chuckle*

Mao said...

Joe looked quite evil as he watched the burglar get hauled off! Yikes, LOL!

Awww, they got a dog. Their family is complete. ;)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*sighs* It's too bad there were no good pictures of Josephina as a toddler. :-(

Yay for another birthday! (Boo for ANOTHER dark picture where we can't actually SEE her. *grumps*)

Welcome to the family, Janie! (Now why is it the picture of the dog is visible. The pictures of the kid are dark as heck. *mumbles*)

I hope she settles into the family nicely and learns her behaviors quickly. :-)