Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And Speaking of Birthdays ...

Hi, there. Josephine Schmoepova speaking. Dad said that I could write on his blog to update his readers on what's been going on with the family lately. He'd write himself, only he's not feeling so well. But that's news for another post. I'm here to talk about me ... cuz dad said I could.

First ... a little bit of advice. If you're hot, don't go for a long hike. Otherwise you could end up looking like my mother.

You could end up in the same predicament she ended up in, which is not a good predicament to be in.

Heatstroke is no joke!

I mean, do you know how shocking this was for me to see ... as a child? Granted, I'm no longer a child, but still!

I've probably been scarred for life now. *sarcasm* Way to go, mom! *end sarcasm*

I was, after all, the one who found her passed out on the sidewalk in front of the house when I got home from school. Some birthday present. *sniff-snort*

Good thing I'm so levelheaded.

I'd read about heatstroke in the library for a school project. I knew exactly what to do.

My relief was palpable. Mom hadn't a clue what had happened to her, and I wasn't about to mention it. I just calmly walked into the house and changed out of my uniform. I would have worked on my homework to take my mind off of things, only I didn't have any. Teachers don't always give their students homework, you know.

But anyway, as I said ... mom passing out on the front lawn was my birthday present. She was so worn out after episode, and dad was still at work ...

... that I had my birthday out in the garden ...

... all by myself.

Dad's timing - punctual as usual. He missed me transitioning from child to teen by a fraction of a second. *sarcasm* Go, dad! You totally rock. *end sarcasm*

Of course, I'm just being a typical teenager, blaming my parents for all the bad in my life. To tell the truth, I've had a pretty good life so far. I really don't have any complaints.

And dad hadn't completely forgotten about my birthday - what with being ill and all. He bought me a used car as part of my birthday gift!

I absolutely love it! It's so ME! Way to go, dad! You ROCK!

As the second half of my present, mom (yes, the heatstroke chick) got me a coupon for a free styling at a local hair salon. It also included makeup tips. And she also got me a gift certificate at one of the local clothing stores. Thanks, mom! You're pretty cool!

Stylist: Hello, young lady! So you're a birthday girl, eh? Shall I give you something that absolutely screams maturity and sophistication?

Josephine: You can try anything you like as long as you are aware that if you make me look ridiculous, I'll have my father do something nasty to you.

Stylist: ......

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be getting made over. My look prior to this was so ... I don't know what! It was just all wrong for me.

THIS was much more ME! (Granted, the makeup does make me appear rather pale ... might have to do something about that later.)

Josephine: Congratulations! You get to keep your skin!

Stylist: I'm glad you're pleased!

After that, I headed to the clothing store to get an outfit that matched my new mature and sophisticated look. Then I went home. Still pretty wound up from all the excitement (new car, new hair, new face, new clothes), I decided to unwind at the telescope. There's nothing like looking up at the cosmos to put things into perspective.

Yeah - I got all kinds of perspective THAT night! *sarcasm* Happy Freakin' Birthday to me! *end sarcasm*

Lemme tell ya ... alien abductions = Highly OVERRATED! *hmph* I mean ... you get zipped off into a space ship ... stuff happens ... and then they toss you away like yesterday's garbage! And what do you get as a parting gift? Partial memory erasure of the experience. *sarcasm* Joy! *end sarcasm*

I am glad to know that I have two loving parents who worry about me when things happen. Although, I think dad was more pleased that he can now say he's not the only one. *snort*

I wasn't completely disgusted by the experience. As I said, it put some things into perspective for me - like the fact that we, as sims, are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY outclassed. If they ever wanted to take over, they totally could!

In other news ... I decided to try my hand at breakdancing.

The neck brace comes off in a few weeks.

I'm glad that someone saw that my attempts at a new dance style were not wasted. I was inducted into the Music and Dance Club in town. Go me!

Anyway ... I've gotta go now. Mom and dad need me. And besides, I think my 100+ words a minute typing overheated dad's 'puter. I wonder if he'll notice ...

Note from the Simmer: Sorry, I didn't take any picture of Josephine's aspiration and other things. I can't recall even what her aspiration is (might be knowledge). Hehe! I'll try to remember for another post.

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kimbalaya said...

How funny that they can dump water on someone like that. Smart thinking, Josephine! Yeah, she sounds like a typical teenager, alright. Love the makeover!

Oydie said...

Wow Josephine is self-centered. Wait she's a teen. Doh!

ruby said...

Typical ungrateful teenager... i like this kid LOL
i love how she threatened the stylist! ha!

Anonymous said...

From the blue glowy spaceship over her head, I'd say that Josephine is a knowledge sim.

Hey, chin up, girl! You'll get a good scholarship for being abducted.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Uh-oh, yeah, going on a hike when you're already a little warm is not a good thing to do, no matter the season! Ooo, I didn't know they'd get heatstroke though! I've never had a sim do that before.

*snickers* Obviously, you're not too scarred, Jo-Jo, if you're getting all sarcastic there. ;-)

Um, happy birthday? Yeah, okay, seeing your mom passed out on the ground isn't the best way to spend your birthday.

*blinks* You can pour water over someone passed out? Or just someone who's had headstroke?

I thought she went inside and changed? *teases Ange*

You turned into a pretty teen! But you need to be a little less sarcastic there, young lady. :-b Not your dad's fault you couldn't wait 5 more minutes to transition! *giggles*

Glad to see you realize you've got good parents there. *poke* Dayum, a car for your birthday present? No, I'd definitely say he didn't forget! You definitely got some good presents there, chicka.

Happy birthday makeover! Why didn't we get to see the outf...... okay, forget the outfit. She got ABDUCTED!!! *giggles loudly* Congratulations and happy birthday, Josephine! *grins*

Poor kiddo. Glad to see she's taking it all in stride though.

And from the back, looks like a cute outfit she got! *snickers* I guess they call it "break" dancing for a reason. *snorts*