Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Close Encounters

You're probably wondering why I am calmly painting a picture while my wife appears to be dying on the kitchen floor behind me. You may also be wondering why Janie isn't pulling a Lassie and running for help.

Probably because she isn't dying. She's just training Janie to play dead. Every dog should know how to play dead. You just never know when it'll come in handy.

No, life is pretty calm at the moment. Josephine is doing very well in school.

Lydia is doing well in her job and hasn't had any migraines. She's in pretty good health - what with her daily workout regimens and whatnot.

I'm becoming more comfortable with the various aspects of The Craft.

And even though a recent promotion has put me in a rather uncomfortable situation ...

I try not to let it bother me. Josephine doesn't seem to mind ... much ... if I'm careful. Of course, being hugged my a metal man probably isn't the best of experiences for a child.

The canine population appears to be enjoying my front porch. I find it intriguing the different breeds roaming the neighborhood. This one actually has glowing eyes!

And this one ... I thought it was Max at first, but quickly realized it was a different dog. I quickly sent him on his way.

Yes, life has been pretty calm and pretty normal for me ... all things considered. It seems like it was only a short time ago that I was standing on a deserted plot of land with no idea who I was. Now I have a wife and a daughter and a dog ... and my career is going places. Life is good and uncomplicated.

Famous last words?

Though my daughter was excited ... she was also scared.

And actually crawled into bed with her mother. I think her view of the world ... the UNIVERSE has expanded a bit, as has all of ours. Who knew?!

It was certainly not anything expected on my part.

And the experience ... is not something I would want to repeat. But ... it was fascinating nevertheless!

It also made Janie overly curious about the world outside of her sphere. Poor girl got skunked after my return.

I'm sure it's a lesson she won't soon forget.

And speaking of unforgettable experiences ...

I'm growing concerned about my own experience. You see, after what happened, I went online and did some research. If what I read is true ... things are about to get a little bit more complicated for my family.


I thought I'd post this for Arki ... since it's her birthday and all. :O)) Happy Birthday, girl! :OD)

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Oydie said...

Serves you right for tempting fate LOL

ruby said...

Woot! I hope you get a multiple birth!

kimbalaya said...

Woot for alien bebehs!!!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Nope. Not wondering at all. You're a cold-hearted b*stard! Hehe, just kidding. She's obviously trying to teach Janie how to play dead. *nods*

Congrats on doing well in school, Josephine! And that Lydia isn't getting her migraines anymore. :-D

What spell was Joe casting there?

Pfft, don't stress so much that you have to wear armor for work. :-)

Ooo, is Joe gonna make friends with the Leader of the Pack? *rubs her hands together*

Summoning aliens? Heh, be careful what you wish for, bub... *speaks from experience*

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *falls out of her chair laughing* Yup, famous last words indeed! Too cute that Josephine crawled into bed with Lydia after Joe got abducted though.

I bet it was the mesh shirt. *nods* It got them all excited and stuff. *snickers*

*sighs, trying to see the picture of Janie getting skunked* You really need to use some sort of photo editing program to lighten your pictures if you're going to use that mod. *tickles Ange*

Hehe, yup, I'd say in this instance, you should believe what you read online. *nods*

What's the outtake picture?