Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special Delivery

Just for the record, I do NOT recommend this. I'm not going to go into the intimate details on how very difficult it is to clean one of these after upchucking into the toilet. The knowledge is definitely NOT for sims with sensitive stomachs - that's for sure!

So ... with my last blog update you're all probably wondering what's going on with me after my "experience" with our Extraterrestrial Brethren. *blinks* Hmm ... why does that phrase seem like ... deja vu? *blinks* Anyway ... I've been feeling fairly ill, tired, hungry and achy. I try to get to the balance bar whenever I can.

It relaxes me ... clears my head ... opens my mind. And if there's one thing I need right now, it's an open mind.

Because I think I've been given a package to care for.

It's an interesting experience being "with child" (as Jo-jo likes to tease me about from time to time). I just don't think it's "natural" for a man to be pregnant. It feels weird. Our bodies weren't made for this kind of abuse.

Lydia and Josephine are absolutely loving it though. I think the hormones have made me go nutters ... because I let Josephine play with my hair. I don't think this hair style suits me at all. I'll be visiting a stylist myself to fix it.

Note from the Simmer: For some oddball reason, when he twirled into that maternity outfit, his hair changed. Go figure!

With this impending delivery looming on our respective horizons, we all try to stick to our routines.

Lydia has ramped up her workout regimen as she barrels forward for that final goal of Hall of Famer.

Note from the Simmer: Yes, you see correctly. The kitchen is finally its own room. YAY!! I'll have to remember to give a "tour" later of the house. It's coming along nicely. I have some housing plans in mind for it, but they don't have the money at present to really get what I'm going for.

After many weeks, Max FINALLY returned. In all that time, I decided that our house could handle another dog.

And Janie was so easygoing, I felt that the two of them would get along just fine.

They really do get along together.

I'm afraid I didn't realize that Max was an older dog, but that's okay. Lydia heard about this experimental dog food that's meant for more mature dogs. We feed him a bowl of it every now and again. It makes him feel young in his old age.

I don't like this. I don't like this AT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!!!


I am pleased to tell you all that it was, thankfully, a short labor. And before I could scream up my lungs, my son, Jake, was born. I could tell that the experience of being on the other side of things for a change was a shock for Lydia. I have to admit, I am curious as to what it looked like from her point of view.

His green skin looks very much like John Doe's. I wonder ...

But he really is quite adorable for a hybrid.

Joseph: Hello, Jakey-boy, I'm your daddy! Or ... am I your mommy? Hmm ... this could be confusing.

I think I'd better go phone John. I'm sure he'll be full of advice for a new parent like me.

One thing that I am immensely pleased, and relieved, about is that Jo-jo absolutely adores her little brother. No signs of jealousy or anything like that. I think things are going to get really interesting in our household from this point on.

Note from the Simmer: As of now, I am caught up to my game play. Thus, I'm going to have to play to generate more pictures. Hopefully, my picture taking will improve after this (gotta remember to put up more lights).

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kimbalaya said...

"A package" to care for... hehehehe!

Wow, that is some serious yoga styling there, on one finger. Yeowch.

Yay, welcome back, Max! (ahem... you might want to check the spelling on Max's dog bowl of kibble of life...)

LMBO Poor Joe, I don't think labor & delivery was ever made out to be something "fun"! Welcome to the family, Jake!

Oydie said...

Cute hybrid ;)

Anjel76 said...

Thanks for catching that spelling error, Kimberly. I fixed it. ;O) Hehe.

ruby said...

Jake is cute, reg features w/ alien coloring.. how awesome! I hope he stays this cute
lights? *pokes Ang* use the cauldron more often!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Jake is a cutie!

I'm glad Jo-Jo is ok with being a big sister.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Puking into the toilet while wearing full plate armor. *blinks* That's um... yeah, that's not very smart there, Joe. *snickers*

Yup, keeping an open mind is probably pretty key right about now. *tries not to snicker again*

*giggles* I don't blame the women for loving his pregnancy! *grins*

Congrats on the upgrades to the house. :-D

And congratulations on finally adopting Max! *cheers* So, do he and Janie just get along? Or do they "get along"? *waggles her eyebrows* (I need to find another dog for my Joe's house, as Eafs is getting up there... I probably need to have him eat some special kibble though, since I can't bring anything else in until some kids move out!)

Yay, it's baby time!! *cheers* Welcome little Jake! *coos over the cutie* Ooo, he got the big black alien eyes! Nice! :-D I was really hoping one of Joe's alien twins would have them, but nope. They both have dad's eyes.

Sweet that Josephine really likes Jake.

And YES!!! MORE LIGHTS!!!! *grins*