Friday, April 24, 2009

An Update ... of Sorts





tap-tap-tappity ...


CoTM has logged in

Joseph: Ohhh shiii ...!

CotM: Hello, Joseph. Long time no "see"!

Joseph: ...

CotM: I know you're there, Joseph. Your feeble attempt to ignore me by NOT logging in is an exercise in futility. I have my eyes and ears everywhere.

Joseph: ...

CotM: You have quite a lovely family, Joseph. A beautiful wife. A teenage daughter. And a newborn son. Would you rather I approached them instead?

Joseph: ... *sigh* ...

Captain ManBeast has logged in

CotM: Ah, there you are, Joseph. What took you so long to log in?

Captain ManBeast: I was working on my blog ... needed to save it first.

CotM: Mmm ... my "Spidey" senses are telling me that you're lying to me, but I'll let that slide ... for now.

Captain ManBeast: Is there something I can do for you? It's been quite a while since you last wreaked havoc in my life. What have I done to deserve to be in your "presence" once more?

CotM: My, my, MY! Someone is a bit testy this morning! Maybe you've caught a chill sitting in front of your computer with no shirt on. Why don't you go put on a shirt?

Captain ManBeast: I'm fine ... and how do you know what I'm wearing (or not wearing) anyway?!

CotM: I told you, Joseph. I have eyes and ears everywhere. I know what you've been up to.

Captain ManBeast: I can't say as I know what you're talking about.

CotM: Playing dumb are we? Well, let me refresh your memory.

CotM has attached three pictures

Captain ManBeast: Where'd you get those?!

CotM: I keep trying to tell you, Joseph, I have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE. When is that concept going to become ingrained in your brain?

Captain ManBeast: It's there now ...

CotM: Good! So ... 'splain, Lucy!

Captain ManBeast: What is there to explain? I'm learning REAL magic for my job. If I'm going to become a SimWorld famous Prestidigitator, I need to know all there is to know.

CotM: Hat and card tricks and making thing appear to float and cutting folks in half not enough for you?

Captain ManBeast: Bah! My goals are much more lofty than those. Most people out there, they're CON ARTISTS! HACKS! They do it for the value of entertainment ... for the value of the all mighty simoleon.

CotM: And what are YOU doing it for? Beyond wanting to become a Prestidigitator ... what's in it for you? What're you getting out of it?

Captain ManBeast: All very good questions. Let's just say I enjoy the thought of people looking at me in awe for my ability to do that which they cannot.

CotM: That's the stupidest answer I've ever seen travel across my computer monitor.

Captain ManBeast: Hey now!!

CotM: I'm wondering about ulterior motives, Joseph.

Captain ManBeast: I have no ulterior motives.

CotM: Time will tell, Joseph. Time will tell. In the meantime, keep aware that I am watching you ... ALL THE TIME. If I see anything that makes me believe you're backsliding ... I will take steps.

Captain ManBeast: Backsliding? What do you mean by that? Backsliding into what?

CotM: I'm really enjoying your blog, Joseph. Keep up the good work. Until next time!

Captain ManBeast: Now wait just a ...

CotM has signed off

Joseph: Damn ...


tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tap-tap-tap ...

Things have gotten a little hectic in my household with the addition of another dog and another child. Some people may be scoffing at me thinking that a total of six household members is nothing to freak out about.

But if you'd seen what I've seen ... you'd be worried, too.

Janie and Max get along VERY well. It's like they'd never been strangers to one another.

It makes me happy that I was able to give this old dog a home and provided him with a family and a best friend in Janie.

But I certainly wasn't expecting THIS! This may make things even more interesting ... maybe. We'll soon find out!

Jake seems to like the crib that we are providing for his comfort. Although, the green might be a bit harsh for his eyes.

Everyone likes being around him. Josephine loves to hold him.

Even strangers want to hold him ... little charmer.

And the nanny loves to give him baths in the kitchen sink. Makes me wonder if he'll develop some sort of need to sponge himself off in the sink when he gets old enough to reach the taps.

And speaking of the nanny ... I think she and I may need to have words. I think we're paying her enough. To catch her STEALING for my coveted money trees ... UNACCEPTABLE. I may have to ... teach her a lesson ...

But aside from doggy love and baby love, things are fairly calm at the moment. Josephine is trying to stay on top of things in the music and dance scene. I'm wondering if she aspires to do something with either of these things ... maybe become an entertainer like her old man.

Whatever she decides to do with her life, I hope she knows that her mother and I are doing all that we can to provide for her, to make all opportunities available to her. Raises help with that.

Promotions are even better!


As promised, I have all of Josephine's important information. She's primarily a Pleasure Sim ... and secondarily a Knowledge sim. That's why she had a good memory when she was abducted. And ... her LTW makes sense for a knowledge sim. :O) I'm still trying to decide if I want to reroll folks who go to college or not. Time will tell! ;O)

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ruby said...

*giggles* I loved the IM between CotM & Captain ManBeast
*squints* the green crib is a bit harsh for anyone's eyes *giggles*
*cackles* Yes, teach the nanny Joe!!
Josephine is pretty. She will make a beautiful heiress

kimbalaya said...

LOL So much for being 'invisible' on messenger!

I agree with Ruby... that crib set - yeesh!

Stupid nanny *shaking head*

Josephine is so pretty! I love the hairstyle she has in the screenshot of the stats.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one (besides CotM) who sense a bit of backsliding?

Josephine is very pretty. And she has decent stats. I'm looking forward to Jack growing up.

Vicky said...

hahaha! Love the IM exchange. That was hilarious.

That baby's so pretty! I love the skin. I take it you have custom default alien skins? And yay for doggie woohoo. Will there be puppies in the near future? :)

Kethwyn said...

*agrees with Lisa* I sense a little backsliding too... especially with that evil witch cackle.

Josephine is going to make a great heir. She's gorgeous, her stats are great for both her aspirations, and she has a reasonable LTW.

And omg... the slideshow of the dogs gettin' it on... you made pet pr0n! *giggles*

AeronwyDiobhell said...

*blinks at Joe* Is he up to something naughty, that he's not happy to see the CotM? She's got voyeurism down to it's finest though. (Not that I blame her for enjoying watching him sit there all shirtless and tasty.)

I forgot how evil he looked in those pictures. *shivers* Heh, you've gotta come up with a better answer than that, bub.

Poor Joe. He has no clue what he's dealing with, does he.

Like me? *scoffs* Deal with 5 toddlers and a dog, -then- come talk to me about hectic! (Or, you know, talk to my Joe. Whichever.)

HAHAHAHA!!! Congrats on the upcoming puppies! (I wonder if I can snag a female dog before Eafs dies of old age. I think he needs to eat from the magic food dish again... *nods* I've never had puppies before.)

*slips on a pair of sunglasses* I'm seeing spots whenever I blink, that crib was so bright! Jake really is a cutie though. :-)

Congratulations on the promotions! *cheers*

Very serious, very grouchy and very outgoing. *blinks* Interesting combination Josephine has there! (I love her hair though!)