Friday, January 30, 2009

A Night on the Town - part 1

So ... Joseph was going to embrace this new life that was being given to him. As his first step in doing so, he decided to accept a stranger's invitation to visit the downtown area of Belladonna Cove (Mark II).

It wasn't quite an immediate reaction ... but pretty darn close to one, but Joseph was beginning to think that he may have made a mistake in "jumping into the pool with his eyes closed".

Jenna Bradshaw was NOT the kind of person he wanted to get to know. She had this thing about her personal hygiene that Joseph found a bit ... well ... unbearable and offensive, not to put too fine a point on it. And he wasn't the only person to think so. He decided that if he was going to have a good time, he was going to have to ditch her.

Granted, dressing up like a bartender to give her the slip didn't work out as well as he hoped it might. Like a rottweiler with a juicy piece of meat, she found him almost immediately ... much to his utter joy. He decided that he would just have to be a gentleman and show her a good time ... even if it killed him. He figured it was best to feed the woman so he made his way over to the hostess' podium to get them seated.

And that's when he saw her. He wasn't certain what it was about this woman, but seeing her sent a tingle all over his body. Whether it was a good tingle or a bad tingle, he wasn't one hundred percent certain.

While talking with Jenna, he got the feeling that the mysterious woman was watching him for some unfathomable reason. It was like his "Spider Sense" was tingling or something. If anyone were to ask him later what Jenna and he talked about, he wouldn't have been able to say. He was too distracted.

Nor would he have been able to mention what they ordered for dinner, considering all he could concentrate on was the fact that the mysterious woman was now sitting at the bar. Though he did recall that their waitress was very pretty.

He wouldn't, however, have any trouble remembering how Jenna ate. Her tables manners ... YEESH!!

Joseph was almost, but not one hundred percent certain, that he heard this man murmur:

Man: Maybe you should give her a feed bag!

Joseph had, in fact, considered it.

Who was this mysterious woman? And why did her presence place such a hold on him? She was attractive, yes ... but not in any way that made her stand out from anyone else.

As a matter of fact, there was a woman on the other side of the room that nearly stole Joseph's attention away from the mystery already before him.

However, with his attention back on the mysterious woman, Joseph was almost certain there was something about her that was vaguely familiar. He grew frustrated when he couldn't figure out why. He just couldn't put his finger on what it was. Figuring that there was only one way he would be able to figure it out without going slowly insane, and with a good excuse to ditch Jenna Bradshaw ...

he decided to approach her. He introduced himself and subsequently found out that her name was Jess Arden. Obviously, the name didn't really ring any bells, since he couldn't even remember his own name, but as he stood talking to her, he knew that somehow, somewhere ... he'd met her before.

And while he talked to her about the crime running rampant in the newly populated Belladonna Cove (Mark II) ...

... that she believed was a load of bull, but just rumors being propagated by the minds of the uninformed ...

... fragments of memories (his memories???) flashed quickly through his mind.

Part 2


kimbalaya said...

Eewww Jenna is a grossie!

Oooh... so mysterious!

I love the photo effect on the "memories" - nicely done!

Oydie said...

Is that the slob? Pah another $1 woman.
Ohhhh I like a good mystery :DD

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Dude, just 'cause you find her hideously unattractive doesn't mean you can't have a great time and meet a good friend. Sheesh, so judgemental!

You mean he doesn't have stinky as a turn-on? *giggles* (I never let my Sims like stinky Sims! Although I have to say the female slob turned out to be a super sweety to Basil Vacha after his psycho wife slept with half the town.)

Glad to see he can be at least somewhat gentlemanly.

So, our Joe has the hots for Jess, eh? *grins broadly* I see she seems interested too. *rubs her hands together* So is he going for another Founder contestant too?

Hehe, I guess Joe won't be hanging out with Jenna, eh? Glad he finally found a way to ditch Jenna and go talk to his mystery woman. :-D

Wow, he's got some memories creeping back in? And she was one of his clone victims!

CeeCee said...

What a totally gross individual. Loved the feedbag comment though.

Oops, the mind erase might not have been totally complete after all.

Whatever will happen when he old life starts making an appearance in his new? Will he be able to keep them seperate? Will he want to? Will he be able to stay sane? Will the readers notice the difference? Enquiring minds want to know.

Mao said...

HAHA, it's the slob. Way to go, Joe! That's hilarious. His scowling face cracked me up so much.

Oooh, mystery laydee! She looks pretty, too. Don't screw this one up, Joe!

Love the old movie effect on the slideshow. :D