Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Love My Family

Greetings, blogging fans! Jo Schmoepova coming to you from the family bathroom. Man, I absolutely love technology! It makes it so much easier updating my blogs with this handy-dandy little gadget. I just talk into it, and it types up the words for me for later publishing. It makes it easy to wash the dog and blog at the same time. Heh. But I digress. Dad said I could post on the family blog site again cuz he's busy at the moment so ... here's me ... posting on the family blog site.

Recently, I had a little chat with dad about the dangers of break dancing without a license and he agreed that the youth of today needed to be more cautious about their activities, that they should take it upon themselves to take proper safety precautions. I love that about him. He listens to everything I say with such an open look of interest on his face ... even when what I'm saying is complete and utter crap. :O)

BOOYAH! Gotta love snow days. And what makes THIS the best snow day is that I get to stay at home and chill. The Academy thinks I'm too smart and thus any homework they give me wouldn't challenge me. So ... I haven't had any homework for like two weeks!

I've been spying on mom and dad a lot recently.

The two of them are just so cute ... it's kinda disgusting. :O)

And watching dad with Jake is all kinds of adorable.

My dad can be a pretty serious dude most of the time, but sometimes, you see him let loose like a little kid.

And to see such a strong guy like my dad handling such a little guy like Jake, it's really something. Y'know?

Guess who's birthday it is today?

Nope, it's not mine! Are you kidding! I'm not ready to leave my teen years yet. Besides, I'm still trying to decide about colleges. Nope, it's Jake's birthday! And I get to do the honors. :O)

Josephine: Who's gonna be a big boy today? Hmm? Who's it gonna be?

Jake: Goo! *gurgle* *dribble* *baby laughter*

Josephine: That's right! Jakey's gonna be a BIG boy today! Now ... is the big boy gonna help me blow out the candles?

Jake: Gaheee! *more baby laughter*

Josephine: Take a deep breath now and .... BLOOOOOOOW!

I gotta say ... watching someone transition from my position is ... amazing! Though, I do totally recommend sunglasses.

And I gotta say that my baby brother is adorable ...

... even if he does have pointy ears. I wonder if he'd object to me calling him "Spock" as a nickname ... *grin*

Here's some more "Dad and Jake" spam. The two of them are just all kinds of warm fuzzies to watch.

Now here's the picture of a man who's at the mercy of the child that he loves so much. Yup. :O) I wonder if he looked that way with me when I was a toddler.

Gotta say that it's probably a mutual thing though. :O) Besides, everyone in my family is very easy to love. Who wouldn't want to be at the mercy of that kind of feeling?

Anyway, dad wants his computer back now. He said he's gotta do some research.

I think he muttered something about vandals and all other annoying sims who get on a witch's bad side.

I think I recall overhearing him asking a coworker if he knew any spells to deal with nuisances. I dunno about you, but ... I don't recommend getting my dad mad. He's a great guy, very lovable ... but he's got a temper. Yup, yup! Anyway, I gotta go. Jake needs a bath. Until next time!

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ruby said...

Aw Jake is a cutie!
heh. ya he's all mush when it comes to his family... but don't get the man mad!
o.O what are you up to Joe?
*looks at the can kicker* RUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Jake is so cute! *melts* I love seeing sim-men with their toddlers.

Uh-oh, the trash can vandal better be watching his/her back.

Kethwyn said...

Aw, Jake grew up into an adorable lil guy. *gooes at the snuggle pictures*

And blast those social townies. They have it out for the trash cans.

Oydie said...

Jake is a real cutie, I love the skin your using.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, at least she admits she was talkin' out of her butt with that breakdancing business. *snickers* And yay for snow days!! (That's one thing my Shmoe family never gets, since they don't have winter in Simorida.)

Aww, that shot of Joe playing with Jake really is adorable!

Happy birthday, Jake! He turned into a really precious toddler. (And one with hair, yay!) He's got pointy ears? Totally cool!

You're right, Jake has your dad completely wrapped around his chubby toddler fingers. And of course he looked that way with you. *tickles Josephine* (Didn't he? I'm too lazy to go back and look, but I'm sure he did.)

Yeah, Joe definitely has a temper! *shivers* Good thing he adores his kids and has never gotten angry at them. *nods*