Saturday, April 4, 2009

Educational Stress

Things have been a little bit hectic in our household since Jo-jo became a child who was ready to head off into the world of school and all aspects of education.

Lydia even got it into her head, during a rather stressful time she was having at work, to try to get our little girl into private school. I really would have liked to have been home at the time ... so that I could have greeted the headmaster of Belladonna Preparatory School. I don't thinking her having greeted the man in her pajamas was a smart move on her part.

And I think she had a migraine. Maybe she forgot that she'd invited the headmaster over. I don't know. All I know is that I really wish she'd waited until I got home from work. But then again ... I work rather late. Perhaps she could have waited until I had a day off.

Lydia's migraine must have gotten so bad at one point, because she later told me that Jo-jo ended up spending a lot of time with the headmaster because "mommy's head hurt".

So ... it really came as no shock to me ...

... that Jo-jo failed to get into the school. The headmaster was not impressed with anything ... though he did say that Jo-jo was an engaging young girl.

Lydia did not take it well.

And Janie didn't help matters either. I had to scold her about growling at folks for no reason. It's a lot of work training a pet.

But at least she's housebroken.

I pleaded with Lydia to go take some Simedrin Migraine medicine and go to bed. Everything would look better in the morning, I promised her.

My little girl would get into private school ... if it was the last thing that headmaster ever did. No one turns down a Schmoepova. No one.

The next evening ... the headmaster returned. He really didn't have a choice. I love the power I can wield over sims. I wouldn't call it torture ... not really.

Josephine: Mr. Headmaster, are you a contortionist?

Headmaster: My! How does a little girl like you know such a very big word?

I did fix things quickly ... even from a distance (I was at work). No one was the wiser. But I believe it was all Jo-jo, her and her impressive vocabulary because ...

... he decided to accept my little girl in Belladonna Prep.

Lydia was over the moon with excitement. Our little girl would head to that institution of higher learning on her very first day in school. She hadn't even attended regular public school. Yup - we were paving the way to success for my only child.

But it seems that everyone needs an education, especially willful young dogs.

It seems Janie needs to learn how to stay out of the dirt.

She really doesn't like taking baths, but ... she does obey when she is called (most of the time) when it's time to take a bath.

I was most pleased when I returned from work to find that everything and everyone was in good spirits.

A little bit of magick goes a long way. Especially when it comes to family. But ... don't tell Lydia. She would not be pleased to know I played a hand in "persuading" the headmaster. Heh. Good thing I learned a memory spell from Frances. It wouldn't do for the headmaster to remember what I did to him. It also wouldn't do for my little girl or Janie to recall how twisted he looked. That would cause questions to be asked.

Ignorance is bliss! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!

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ruby said...

OMG The HM was so disfigured! LOL
I love how ebil Joe is becoming... such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouchies. That looks painful for the poor HM.

I really hate it when they miss it by such few points. Stoopid HM. He should know better than to deny a Joe.

Joe is getting kinda skeery right now! I love it!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the headmaster! Josephine is a quick kid. I'm glad that it didn't hurt her chances of getting to the private school the second time around. Joe looks so evil in that last shot! Yikes!

Oydie said...

Ebil Joe oh noes! Wasn't he supposed to be doing good with his second chance???

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Ooo, yeah, Lydia, you probably should have made the effort to get dressed there before greeting the headmaster.

*blinks* That does not look like a HM visit that's going to go well... mom should have canceled the visit!

Ooo, 5 points away!! You should have made espresso and let him snag a cup for the 10 point bonus.

Lydia, you should have gotten dressed and entertained the man then, if you wanted to impress him.

Hopefully the next HM visit can happen when Joe is home and things can go a little more smoothly.

Yikes... it looks like Joe broke the HM's arm to make him come back the next night. Yay! Congrats on Jo-Jo getting into private school this time! *cheers*

Janie's a cute little pooch. Hopefully she can get trained well soon. :-)

Geeze, Joe, not nice to mess with your family's memories. That'll come back to bite you in the butt some day, mark my words. He looks so evil in that last shot though! *shudders*